Crazy River

Artist: Crazy River
Title: Sounds like a Melon to Me
Format: CD
Cat. No: APAREC026

Apartment records:apartmentrecords
Humbug Records:Humbug Records

Multi-instrumentalist Per Gisle Galåen from Norway play in numerous bands, including Slowburn, DEL, Birds, Kobi and many others. Galåen has been touring Europe, Oceania and Japan partly as Crazy River and partly with DEL and Birds. Birds are a duo consisting of Galåen and Japanese Cotton Casino (former Acid Mothers Temple member) [The Birds debut cd has just been released from Important Records]. He's also done collaborations with Keiji Haino, ultrasound, Alexander Rishaug and Carlos Giffoni to name a few. Galåen has formerly released a split 7” (OHM records) with fellow-Norwegian Fredrik Ness Sevendal and has contributed to a few compilations, but “Sounds like a Melon to Me” is his first solo album.

Its ripe for release has been sitting on a dusty shelf for some years, but we are very glad he finally took his time to wipe the dust of these well-seasoned gems. Looking inside this jewel-case you’ll find some peeling abstraction and fuzzy heavy organ sounds at first glance. But, if you listen closely you’ll be able to catch some whimsical and strange pop-songs dancing the dance of modestly cheerful melancholia somewhere behind the dust. It's a beautiful musty odor to this album that makes you feel good and awoke a smell of nostalgia around the house. The smell of good old lo-fi home-recordings that is. And me oh my, how we have missed that smell! This is a joint release with Humbug Records.