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2re in UnBoB 7" (Null Spenn Records 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
"Exhibition catalogue from the truly different celebration of Dylan's 60th birthday at Galleri koncentrat may 24 - may 27 [Trondheim], whisperin' lyrics in the back alleys of Dylan related NYC sites cut up of various odds & ends, play harmonica with Bob karaoke…"

99th Floor – Nine 7" (Nine Records 1990) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Pre-Swim band with among others, Morten Solli rocking with his guitar and voice.

360 degrees - A Foundry Project - V/A CD (The Foundry 2002) 120 US / 17.5 US $
'360° features tracks recorded specifically for this Foundry project by an assortment of the most intriguing and creative artists in the field. This compilation has as its center point a story fragment, a series of episodes which are illustrated with a variety of electronic music flavours, from ambient electronica to microsound and glitch. Contributors to 360° are Rhomb,eM, Jonathan Hughes, High Skies, Mark Van Hoen with Seofon, Sketch, Thermal and Kim Cascone.

Aedena Cycle – Cargo Cult 7" (Beatservice 1999) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
A catchy, funky, housey, oddy, groovy number five in Beatservice's Arctic Circles 2 single-series.

Ai Phoenix - Lean That Way Forever CD (Racing Junior 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'Recorded at five different locations over a twelve-month period with a number of different lineups, making it their most varied album so far. The band's cover of a 1940's song, Moulin Rouge, has also been used for the soundtrack of a documentary. The band's songwriter Patrick sings more than on the previous albums, and along with Mona's vocals a harmony and characteristic sound are created which are worth gold.'

Ai Phoenix – The Driver Is Dead CD (Racing Junior 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Building layers of smooth sound, like they're letting out thin veils of silk to wave elegantly, slow-motion-like in the air. In the midst of a dark and half spooky fairy tale forest. Inviting us to come step into the darkness to see the light of their gracious songs. One might say that some of their songs sound the same. Or you could just give in, lay back and enjoy the graceful movements and delicious moments recorded." -Luna Cafe. The perfect combination of Lisa Germano, Low and Mazzy Star. Highly recommended stuff.

Albino Slug – Barabbas MCD (Metal Art Disco 1994) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Lasting 30 minutes, the Barabbas-track will make your eyes pop out and ask for water. Once upon a time it scared us out in the woods, and it still does. A repeating fuzz-guitar riff and something that we’d imagine as the sound of burning oil. Devilish typewriters, violins, Swedish sects and Diamanda Galas’ evil sister, the exceedingly gifted Trine, on hair-raising vocals. Dark, still humorous.

Alog - Amateur 2LP (Rune Grammofon 2007) 160 NOK / 23.5 US
Some of the techniques that Alog invented for their excellent ?Miniatures? album have now been refined and developed on ?Amateur?, their fourth album for Rune Grammofon. It was recorded on various locations in the western and northern parts of Norway, often using instruments found or built for the sole purpose of this recording. These sessions were subsequently worked on in the studio to bring out the unique spirit of the ?Amateur?. This spirit is characterized by a curious and fresh approach to playing that is often lost in the process of becoming a virtuoso on a singular instrument. The result is also quite unique and once again Alog have delivered an extraordinary album. Needless to say, it comes highly recommended. Comes as a beautiful and limited LP in gatefold sleeve.

Alog - Catch That Totem CD (Melektronikk 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Dear fellow listeners! We are very pleased to present to you the newest album from one of our definitive favorites from the Norwegian music scene: Alog! Ever since Alog's debut album "Red Shift Swing" on Rune Grammofon, we have been admiring this enigmatic act for their true artfulness, daring inpredictability and quirky sense of humour. Even though they have been labeled an electronica act, we have always felt that Alog has had just as much in common with adventurous bands like Can and This Heat."

Alog - Miniatures CD (Rune Grammofon 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"The third album from the duo described as ”setting new standards in contemporary music” (The Milkfactory) and ”one of modern music´s most interesting groups” (BBC Online). Their debut ”Red Shift Swing” was a breath of fresh air at the tail-end of last century, a mature and original release from two sonic explorers, already masters at seamlessly blending electronic and acoustic elements. Their sound has since been perfected through the follow-up ”Duck-Rabitt” (RCD 2020) and concert activities before arriving with this, their best collection so far. Inventive and intriguing electronica with a human and organic nerve."

Alog - Red Shift Swing CD (Rune Grammofon) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Second release. Mostly improvisations made with various reed, percussion and string instruments, as well as electronic keyboards and field recordings.

Alog – Duck-Rabbit CD (Rune Grammofon 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
"Since releasing their well received debut "Red Shift Swing" two years ago the Tromsø duo has ventured into the world of live playing, having done several concerts in Norway and Europe. Earlier this year Espen released ²Genetic Engineering² as Phonophani, to much critical acclaim. Most of "Duck-Rabbit" is born from improvisations during and after concerts, something that has given the album a more extrovert and energetic feel. As of the title, a "duck-rabbit" is a well-known figure from Gestalt psychology. It has two aspects, and may be perceived as either a duck or a rabbit. Such a gestalt-switch shows how even the most everyday objects may suddenly transform into something totally different. The new album is a collection of such objects, always changing and always unexpected. The switching objects have an uncontrollable rhythm and harmony of their own. The result is a music liberated from any final category."

American Suitcase - Change EP 7" (Wizzard In Vinyl 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Japanese edition of the Suitcase' Change EP that previously only has been out on cd. Green vinyl and limited run.

Antenna - Going Out 12" (Guidance 2001) 90 NOK / 13.25 US $
Erik Ruud and Jo Bakke constitute the jazz-house duo Antenna and 'Going Out' is two tracks and two sides of smoking live latin jazz flavoured house music.

Aquarium Poppers – Find The Tunes / Jamison 7" (35g Records 2001) 45 NOK / 5 US $
Debut-release by AP which is Karl Morten Dahl (Electric Jam Soul Aquarium) and Thor Jørgen Holm (Chime Poppers). The latter is Dipsomaniacs' Øyvind Holm's little brother. And yes, seems they've listened to a lot of the same records.

Aquarium Poppers – Recomander Tunes In Various Stations EP 7" (35g Records 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
"Dahl and Holm bring the best attributes of their other projects to the Aq Pop sound, a combination of solid catchy songs and playful production. The harmonies have the proper ragged edge and the guitars ring out in a style somewhere between The Byrds and Pavement. Given the backgrounds of those involved, Dipsomaniacs and Guided by Voices comparisons are inevitable (and somewhat valid in a broad sense)." – Broken Face. There's even a cover-version of Alastair Galbraith's 'Thoar' here!

ARM - Open Reminder CD (Melektronikk 2004) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
In their own words, ARM is a three-headed creature with one body. Sometimes kicking against, other times cuddling towards. Kind of like a friendly maniac working hard not to hurt, but hurting you they way you like. It is both pleasure and pain. Well, we must add that this 'monster' is three fine fellows that's been making people happy and touched by sights and sounds both in ARM and on their own. Are Mokkelbost is the mind behind Single Unit, one of the our greatest hybrids of metal, noise and 'new music'. Arne Borgan is doing electronic hybrids as the Bastard Child he is, and Alexander Rishaug makes minimal melodies and microscratches under his own name. ARMs 'Open Reminder'-album is part lab and part playground, and on this recording with guests as John Hegre (Jazzkammer), double-bassist TOnny Kluften and sax-man Håkon Kornstad. A very good one.

ARM - Driving By Accident LP (Melektronikk 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'ARM is a trio based in Oslo and plays improvised, electronic music. The band was formed in 1995, when they started to experiment with guitars, tape recorders, multi-tracks, contact mics and samplers. They have continued to experiment and make music since then, using the computer as the dominant tool. ARM is based on the improvisational meeting between three friends and serves as a playground for sound experimentation and realtime composition in a live setting. This has sparked off collaborations with musicians such as Håkon Kornstad, Tonny Klyften, John Hegre, Toshimaru Nakamura, Paul Asle Pettersen, Jørgen Træen, Ingar Zach, Ivar Grydeland and Salvatore.'

Arm / Clop Neplat / Jazzkammer / KA - Good Music CD (Jazzassin 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $ $
A highly nescessary release presenting four contemporary-electronica-brands. Get this one!

Asheim, Nils Henrik - 16 Pieces For Organ CD (SOFA 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'16 pieces for organ is Nils Henrik Asheim´s solo-debut. On this extraordinary cd you will be given the oppertunity to experience both the organplayer, the improviser and the composer Nils Henrik Asheim. Asheims improvisations are played on the fantastic organ of Oslos Cathedral. The CD is beautifully recorded by soundwizard, Audun Strype.'

Astro / Crazy River / Kobi / Love Hz "Penguin House" 7" ([OHM] Records 2008) 60 NOK / 10 US $
Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro) teaming up with Kai Mikalsen (Kobi), Petter Flaten Eilertsen (Love Hz) and Per Gisle Galåen (Crazy River) while they were gig-crossing Japan in spring 2007. Pretty harsh noise making people go nutty at the Penguin House, Tokyo. 8 minutes of full sonic butchery. Silver and black on white sleeve design by Lasse Marhaug. Limited edition of 202 copies. Hiroshi Hasegawa, Per Gisle Galåen, Kai Mikalsen and Petter Flaten Eilertsen.

Astroburger – 2001 A Pop Odyssey: Flight Four 7" (Big Dipper 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Astroburger – 2001 A Pop Odyssey: Flight Five 7" (Big Dipper 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $

In the year 2001, Big Dipper released one single for each month by Astroburger. Intended for subscription, but sold separately too. These are the only copies left at our house.

Atakama – Of(f) This World - Mental Overdrive Remixes (Ime 2000) 70 NOK / 9.5 US $ $
Yup, it’s that mental remixing those hit-babies.

AtHome Project - s/t 2xLP (Beatservice 2003) 200 NOK / 29 US $

AtHome Project, The – Heaven & Hell 7" (Beatservice 2000) 55 NOK / 6.5 US $ $
Two versions of "Heaven & Hell", cool downtempo/trip-hop track with a delicios sax-theme.

AtHome Project, The - Fjord 10" (Groovecentral Recordings 2000) 60 NOK / 7.5 US $
Stian Jacobsen aka. The Athome Project gives us four tunes of soothing downtempo and leftield. Releases out on UK-labels lPork Recordings and Rugged Vinyl. No cover.

Audiokustus - Værst Tenkelig Smerte CD-R (Roggbif / Noise2 2006) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
True Norwegian noise doom metal recorded in pain. Lots of gain here. Submit or nit.

Bailey, Derek / Ingar Zach – Llaer CD (Sofa 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Live-recording from Blå, Oslo the 20th of October 2000. Great gig, great recording, great guitar, great drum!

Basement Brats – It’s All Right 7" (Rapid Pulse 1997) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Basement Brats – One Night Bitch 7" (No Tomorrow 1997) 35 NOK / 5 US $

Two essential garage-punkrock releases from Halden’s number one brats. Comparable to The Devil Dogs and Ramones for those who cares.

Bestrummed Perfect Pop 1995-2001 CD (Perfect Pop 2001) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
10 years in the pop-bizz, Perfect Pop celebrates themselves and their bands with a fabulous compilation.
Track previously only released on vinyl, plus some exclusive tracks. Jessica Fletchers, The Tables, Astroburger, Loch Ness Mouse, Ethnobabes, Arne Hansen & The Guitarspellers, Silly Pillows, Orange Alabaster Mushroom, Watch Children and many more.

Biosphere & HigherIntelligence Agency - Birmingham Frequencies CD (Headphone 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Recorded in Birmingham under lively circumstances. Enhanced CD.

Biosphere / Deathprod - Nordheim Transformed CD (Rune Grammofon 1998) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Arne Nordheims electronic music as found on "Electric" is the source of new compositions by the Norwegian artists Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) and Helge Sten (Deathprod). Deep and haunting, and aknowledged by Nordheim himself as more than worthy.

Birdbus – Grey EP 7" (Majones) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Pre-The Chairs, in other words Osmundsen (guitar/vocal) and two other fellows. Skinny and rattling boister-pop. Comes in two covers; blue and pink. Feel free to choose.

Birdeye, Robert – The Now Or Never Popstar of … 7" (Perfect Pop 1994) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Mr. Birdeye usually plays in The Tables, and this is him on his own doing seasick pop with references to the golden 60’s and a wrecked surf-board.

Bitch Cassidy - Radiation Bliss (Crispin Glover 2006) 40 NOK / 5.75 US
Ra-ra-ra-diation blizzzzz. Aahhh----

Bjerga / Iversen - Most Things are Made of Water CD-R (Utech 2006) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
"Drones crawl on hands and knees. Crackles pierce and solidify. Sound meltsslowly away, pools, electrifying the void. Hand-assembled and numberededition of 200 cdr."

Bjerga, Sindre - Tales From Topographic Oceans 3 "CD-R (TIB Prod 2004) 65 NOK / 9.25 US $
'Bjerga seems to be improvising around here with electronics and percussion elements. Although two distinct sources, the two swirl nicely in and out of the mix. Sometimes the electronic element is stronger than the other and there is some extensive use of reverb. One could even say it's a far cry to the well-known David Jackman sound, or rather his Organum sound, in the areas of 'Vacant Lights'. Quite nice, this one.' - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly '

Bjerga, Sindre - Getting Jiggy With It CD-R (Absurd 2004) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'Loops, odd ends and bits'n'pieces and stuff nightmares are made of have been fed to an overheated computer, all buttons turned to "crunch". Not noise, but sort of pulsating and sticky electronic clonkscapes... kinda like being trapped in a maze... But hey, how convenient, it comes w/ an insert with a maze on it! Edition of 93 copies, packed in a brown paper bag and comes with a metal boxcar.'

Bjerga, Sindre / Jan-M. Iversen - untitled 2x3" CD-R (1000+1 Tilt 2004) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'Sindre Bjerga with artist and Tib Prod label boss Jan-M Iversen, wrecking and gushing sounds from the goo. Relatively sharp and focused ambient noise. Ultracool format and package, 2 mini-CDs packed in a cool looking red/ black foldout cover.'

Björkenheim / Håker Flaten / Nilssen-Love - Trio CD (Rune Grammofon 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'The unique Finnish composer and guitar master Raoul Björkenheim teams up with the hot, young Norwegian rhythm section of Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (bass) and Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) in a classic powertrio setup. Burning with an untamed energy this is neither jazz nor rock, but a free spirited music that in places reminds us of another trio, Hendrix´ criminally underrated Band Of Gypsys. Recorded live in the studio to analogue tape during two January days this year, the sound of this record is excellent with much warmth and clarity. The three of them have worked with names like Bill Laswell, Jah Wobble, Paul Schütze, Henry Kaiser, Nicky Skopelitis, Mats Gustafsson, Krakatou, Joe McPhee, Iain Ballamy, Dave Liebman, Tony Oxley, Pat Metheny, Django Bates and several others.'

Black Sun 21 – s/t CD-R (Black Sun 21 2001) 65 NOK / 8.25 US $
Second edition of Sindre Bjerga's (Fibo-Trespo and KDBG) psych-/folk- improvisations. Pump organ, guitar and glass harmonica. Subtle and unsettling at the same time. 21 minutes "Could this sort of thing be done any better than this ? I think not!" Stuart Moxham, Nuff Times.

Blind Bats, The – The Banshee Girl EP 7" (Perfect Pop 1992) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Four girls doing pop, in the Perfect Pop sense. Self-acclaimed the label’s enfant terribles.

Bloody Pigeons - At The Railroad Station EP CD-single (Krank) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Five songs from this duo from Kristiansand, south in Norway. Country as performed by slack indie-rockers. CD-R.

Bob Jones Experience / The Medicine House 7" (Knallsyndikatet 198?) 30 NOK / 3.5 US $
A fine old classic from these two brutal groops located in Trondheim in the late 80s. Bob Jones Exp. turns industry to art in a quite fabulous way, while Medicine House punks out with aggressive drunkeness.

Bokfink - Kjapp Debut CD-R (Melektronikk 2004) 65 NOK / 8.5 $
"Bokfink is Dag-Are Haugan (Alog) and Andreas Meland (düplo/Sort Mel) playing guitars, organs, electronics - singing and whistling. "Kjapp debut" is a recording of their very brief debut concert at Club Pilota/Landmark in Bergen 2004."

Bomber – O Brave Advenurer LP (35g Records 2001) 165 NOK / 24.25 US $$
Heavy and loud trio from Trondheim. Some pretty cool tracks, and sometimes they might be in family with Black Sabbath or even Spinal Tap (that's a compliment). Songs about dying men, heroes, heaven and hell and such. Adventure-rock indeed! The press-sheet says: "Accept meets Kyuss in North Trøndelag while Sabbath was napping." There you go.

Bomberos - Bringing Down the Neighbourhood Average 7" (Duplicate 2003) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
'Five tracks of raw oldschool punk feat. Maniac (MAYHEM). On heavy vinyl!'

Bonk - Western Soul CD (Racing Junior 2004) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'Bonk is not Norwegian for the sound of a car smashing into the front of a bank, nor does it mean hurtling over a fjord in a burnt-out speedboat, strangling the bad guy to get the girl, but somehow in the shape of a single album, those clean- living folk from the land where the sun never sets have made a sound which feels like doing both things at the same time, naked. Drawing on influences as disparate as Tamla Motown, Norwegian Death-Punk, and The Who, Bonk is the sound of a culture hell-bent on putting litter into bins and the rock into punk.' - Rock Proof. Featuring members of Kung Fu Girls and Anal Babes.

Borgen, André Hardang - Barokken (1600-1750) CD-R (TibProd 2003) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Experimental electronic sounds made between 1997 and 2003. Borgen's involvements include Norwegian Noise Orchestra, Domestic Purpose, Båthavna etc. etc. Nice stuff--

Boy – Caress Your Party CDS (dbut 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Boy – Brand New Day CDS (dbut 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $

Super-soft melodies wrapped in analog pop-disco-rhythms and an atmospheric positiveness that makes you smile and shake every shakeable part of your body.

Brandal, Andreas - Drive Home With A Hammer CD (Quasipop 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'"Drive Home With A Hammer" is not "just another noise record". Once you hear it, you will be unexpectedly surprised by unique sense of Andreas Brandal (Larmoyant etc) in manipulating with interesting close-to-recognise sounds. His skills in working with macro/micro audio-events helps him to create the powerful and impressive audio work using both vintage analogue equipment and modern computer tools. There is the smallest audio element that can indicate the way to the hidden layers and perspectives in sound. The album sounds very deep, organic and "analogue", because of hisses, brutal tape loops and "glitches" are the constant "ingredients" of Andreas output. The structure of tracks is clear and irregular at the same time, the music flows freely, but not quiet, because it is created with both composition and improvisation methods.'

Brandal / Nordvik - s/t 7" (Smalltown Supersound 1999 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
After several tapes, two singles and a lathe-cut LP, Brandal co-operates with fellow Nordvik. Guitar-works; no unpleasant surprises. Duelling, but not really intersted in duelling at all. Side A is a winner! 100 copies pressed.

Brandsdal, Kjetil D - [untitled] CD-R (Gold Soundz 2002) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Six tracks originally put out as three different cassette singles in very limited quantities in 1996.

Brandsdal, Kjetil D / Jan Christian Kyvik – Special Piss 7" (BWCD 1998) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Recorded live in the village of Sandnes, these three tracks gives noise/improv no new meaning, though it’s essential listening. First-prize for this catalog’s worst cover.

Brandsdal, Kjetil D / Mickael Trèmel - s/t LP (Smalltown Supersound 1999) 100 NOK / 14.75
French guy Mickael Trèmel plays in University Punx with Brandsdal and side A is these two gents together. The B-side is Brandsdal on his own doing some chill-dub kind of groove (if played on 45), even though the inner-sellve says it's all meant to be played on maximum speed.

Bronson Comet Lighter - Perfect Drum 7" (Bronson Recordings) 35 NOK / 5 US $
From the sparsely populated area of Manstad comes....Bronson Comet Lighter! Great instrumental weirdness that in a strange way makes you think of your childhood. Their debut.

Bronson Comet Lighter - Gin, The Imperial Vodka 7" (Bronson 1997) 35 NOK / 5 US $
BCL's second single is way more chiffon and also more focused (if you can say that about this) than the perfect Drum single. Still gleaming in the law of chance, as a child conducting a perplexed orchestra... Grand slam for title and cover.

Bronson Comet Lighter – Karma Eagle 7" (Bronson Recordings 2000) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Hiyaa! The Lighters are back with their wanky western-sicka-billy groovyness. !!!! More far-out and reckless than ever before!

Bronson Comet Lighter - Wipes The Pipes 7" (Bronson Recordings 2005) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Recorded in 2001 and 2004, two songs; 'Radio Edith' is the last BCL recording with the late, great Morten Jørgensen; 'Barbados, Bermuda, Bahamas' is another fine slab of Bronsonica.

Burt, Matt - Grumpy Groovy CD (Stickman 1997) 145 NOK / 14.25 $
South-state pal now living in Trondheim, Norway mostly known for his contributions with Motorpsycho. Guests from this band, but mainly Matt who gives us sweet, poetic acoustic songs about small things that is big in some way. The recording on dictaphone gives the album an instant feel. New 7" out on Apartment fall 2001.

Butti 49 - Alan Accelerates 12" (Hi Fi Terapi 2003) 75 NOK / 11 US $
Butti 49 (with Snorre Seim in front) delivers the goods in the shape of a 12" with dance-music. More specific? Well, it's funky club-jazz close to breakbeats man! There's even some boogie-dance here for those with taste for that. Featuring Didrik Ingvaldsen's saxophone.

Butti49 / Elak – Brasilikum / Remember Me 7" (Tokijo 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
A split with these two dance-acts. Butti49 grooves floors with beats and bass, Elak calms down with emotional balladery.

Bøe, Tore Honoré - Confessions Of A Poolboy CD (Humbug 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Is he already dissolved? Not yet, senorita. Is he going nuts? Not at all, senor. But it is another release according to the Five Year Plan, which means that the forever producing artist Tore Bøe will no longer record or perform under his own name. Well, what can you do? Don't be poolish, but buy this record.

Bøe, Tore Honoré - Freezer Burn CD-R (Humbug 2005) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
This is the record that ends the Five Year Plan. A rest in peaceful noise music.

Bøe, Tore Honoré / Emmanuel Mieville 3" CD (TIB Prod 2005) 60 NOK / 7.5 US $
Tore is still working on 'dissolving' himself, and his three pieces are results of this process. Three short tracks (live-recordings with a new face) of sine-waves, piano and electro-acoustics. Emmanuel Mieville from France offers 10 minutes of 'serious acousmatic' music.

Bøe, Lasse Honoré / Tore Marhaug - Scum Noise Renditions 7" lathe-cut (Humbug 2004) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Tore and Lasse meets in Antwerpen, Belgium and what do we get? Another jolly good Humbug release!

Bøe, Tore Honoré - Knekk 7" (Killer 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Cracks, squeaks, rumblings and feedback, all in a very minimal way.

Bøe, Tore Honoré - Summertime Blues CD-R (TIB Prod 2004) 75 NOK / 11 US $
'The one piece is called 'Even Poolboys Get The Blues' (subtitled: 'Opus for longing loins, fm synthesizes and blending outside) on this CDR starts out with a short sample that is being repeated ad infinitum. Over the course of thirty-five minutes two grainy, low resolution samples are added, one on the right side and one on the left. Nothing much else, until things slow down towards the end. Simplistic one might say, but played at a somewhat higher volume this is certainly a most captivating piece of minimal music, but it stretches the level of what the listener can handle to considerable length.' - Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Bøe, Tore Honorè - Zenography CD 120 US / 17.5 US $
Subtitled 'Opus for unprepared piano + e-bow + street life', Zenography was recorded at Galleri Koncentrat, Trondheim during a session of 14 hours. A rather strict editing as only 30 minutes of the recording is on this disc and it's 30 valuable minutes of minimalistic string-drones. Very nice.

Bøe, Tore Honoré - Sølvstøy 7" (Safe As Milk 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Recordings from two concerts in Oslo 2000, using silver cutlery, eggshells and the sound on stage as source-material. Volume 1 in SAM's Melelektronikk-series, their series for electronic and experimental music.

Bøe, Tore H. – Melatonin 3" CDS (M/O/L/D 2001) 75 NOK / 11 US $
Live recordings from Jersey City, New York City and Trondheim, plus commissioned work for the Safe As Milk Festival in Haugesund. "The tiniest icy sounds of sleep deprivation". Rumbling, great stuff.

Bøe, Tore H. – Sista EP 7" (M/O/L/D 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
"Manhattan field recordings edited at the Columbia Building live NYC / Jersey City / Providence / Easthampton, USA, silent composer gone NYC freejazz?"

Bøe, Lasse Honoré / Tore Marhaug - Scum Noise Renditions 7" lathe-cut (Humbug 2004) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Recorded live June 7th 2003 at Nachtlawaai, Antwerpen, Belgium. Very scummy.

Bøe, Tore Honoré - Suave Siesta CD (Purple Soil 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Suave was originally intended just as a reissue of Tore's Siesta CD. How day came by, we agreed to add completely reworked expanded artwork, liner notes and some extras in the shape of few new songs (being recorded the same way as the original Siesta was, at the same places, sharing same moods). Running time jumped from 40 to almost 80 minutes with five new tracks added to the original five ones. As far this was something beyond what people do call a reissue, we decided for new name'. Read about the 'original' Siesta release below. File under: Electro-acoustic sound collage on self-made analog laptops.

Bøe, Tore Honorè - Siesta CD (Jazzassin 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
"location recordings from africa cut and recut into five pieces. the multifacetted soundscape we usually refer to as silence. breath. the hum of waterpipes. walking my daughter. a modulated sandstorm from sahara. traffic chaos in dialogue with free birds. crisp gentle sounds of mint tea. floating electric pulses. mastered at minimum volume to avoid any references to 'noise'. absolutely no effects added. pure stereo manipulation and frame/sec cutting. music that only refers to itself or holiday audiopolaroids?" – Tore H. Bøe

Cadillac - Up For A Lifetime CD (Progress Records 2002) 165 NOK / 24.25 US $$
Hard-rockin' trio ready with their second album. Blues, prog and good old rock'n roll coupled with the necessary attitude. Great stuff!

Cadillac - Cure CD (Progress 2001) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
There's a cure for rock and here it is! File under heavy and rough blues.

Candybars – Various Artists 2x7" (Little Teddy 1995) 65 NOK / 8.25 US $
Subtitled "60 sec. De l`avantgarde de la technique" this is a double 7"-comp. with 28 tracks with 28 bands and artists doing their each one-minute run. Astroburger, TV Personalities, Arne Hansen, Kitchen Cynics, Silly Pillows, Tables and on and on and on.

Fat, fat sweatin' rock.

Catzenjammer - V/A Vol. 1 CD-R (TIB Prod 2005) 60 NOK / 8 US $
Catzenjammer - V/A Vol. 2 CD-R (TIB Prod 2005) 60 NOK / 8 US $
Catzenjammer - V/A Vol. 3 CD-R (TIB Prod 2005) 60 NOK / 8 US $
Catzenjammer - V/A Vol. 4 CD-R (TIB Prod 2005) 60 NOK / 8 US $
Catzenjammer - V/A all 4 CD-Rs (TIB Prod 2005) 200 NOK / 29 US $

Lots of lots of stuff to fall into. 59 artists in total over the four discs. To name a few: See http://www.tibprod.com/catalogue.htm for complete tracklisting and who's where.

Center Of The Universe - Anachronisma CD-R (Metronomicon Audio 2006) 85 NOK / 12.5 US
"The most sentimental album by the C.O.U. put out so far. Part one in a trilogy about time and space, this album is a retrospective on the popular music from the last century, all wrapped up in sheets of folk-instruments, anachronisms and whistleable melodies."

Chairs, The - Tears In The Make Up 7" (Kippers 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
New single Stavanger's finest trashy pop-band.

Cinnamoon – Wax 7" (Big Dipper 2000) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Mix Will Oldham, Calexico, Grant Lee Buffalo, Gun Club, The Cramps and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, and you’ll smell the moon. Yup, swingin’ desert-rock.

Circular – Nanotopia CD (Origo Sound 1997) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
The debut of Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik whose ambient chill-out cause great relief high and low. References: Biosphere, Aphex Twin, Autechre and FSOL.

City Of Tales Volume 2 (Oats 1999) CARTOON 40 NOK / 6.5 US $
Fabulous cartoon by Clayton Noone and Stefan Neville, both also known for their contribution to the soundtrack to New Zealand, as we know it. Highly recommended.

City Of Tales Volume 4 (Oats 2002) CARTOON 40 NOK / 6.5 US $
Another slab of confused and insightful drawn poetry. Milk Milk and Lemonade. You always want more!

Clearsnare – Everything We Do Is Enough CD-R (no label 2002) 75 NOK / 11 US $
Six-track cd-r with nice sonic guitar-pop/rock by André Borgen.

Cloroform - Cracked Wide Open CD (Kaarec 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
New album from the Cloroguys. Still very powerful. Recommended.

Close Erase - Dance This CD (bp 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Their third album, and their first electric! 'The parallels to seventies Miles Davis, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin and Norwegian Supersilent are presence. Still Close Erase manages to form their own expression in its references. The names behind Close Erase (Wallumrød, Flaten and Johansen) are also known for contributing and as members of Bugge Wesseltofts New Conception of Jazz, The Source, Atomic, Petter Wettre Trio and Audun Kleives BITT. Should appeal to an audience that stretches from the headphones of music lovers to dance-floor in club spaces.

Continental Fruit - Mentor Mentee CD (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
'It's hard, like with all good music, to exactly describe what Continental Fruit sounds like. It's no doubt electronic minimalism, but it is warm, intense, near, still, flow and slow. The sleepy/talking vocal creates powerful and distinctive moods. The sound on the album is more clean and less lo-fi than on the debut 7". Continental Fruit has been labeled post-rock and electronica, and the music has been compared to Labradford and Windy & Carl. But Continental Fruit is quite unique, and it`s beautiful in a bizarre way. All the music is created with a AKAI ax60 synthesizer, and everything is done by Jon Øyvind Lerum. The album contains a fantastic cover version of Cocteau Twin's "Dear Heart", and also a collaboration track between Lerum and Norwegian fellow Andreas Brandal (known from Larmoyant and own projects).'

Continental Fruit – Gently Carved Into Sound CD-R (Humbug 2002) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'A collection of various "bits and pieces" recorded between 1995-2002, this set captures quiet, introspective, sometimes vaguely disturbing atmospheres, gently carved into "song-like" forms. Synth, organ, vocals and weird electronic pulses weave fragile patterns and textures into a low-key improvisation-craft that's completely of C.F.'s own design. It's an unassuming, earthy sound that's strangely familiar, yet deeply ambiguous.' This promises well for the upcoming album on Smalltown Supersound.

Cottage Industrial Volume 1 - V/A CD-R (Humbug 2003) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $$
'The title of this compilation is a program by and of itself: D.I.Y. noise-based experimental music. The set begins with a noise assault courtesy of Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen -- a harsh entry to an album that also offers its share of quieter passages. The English group Earth Hum contributes one of the highlights, a "Post Industrial Dream" combining a recitation and a diesel engine, among other sounds. Other stand-outs include some amplified objects by Nicolas Malevitsis (at least that's what it sounds like); a hilarious piece by Crank Sturgeon where the artist attempts to play back a recording by Crank Sturgeon but keeps messing up, recording himself in the process; a delicate soundscape by Ilios, and a surprising vocal piece by Id M Theft Able that sounds like Jaap Blonk recorded performing on a street corner and remixed. And the last two tracks by Andreas Meland and Jan-M.. Iversen propose gentle yet unusual soundscapes. Truly admirable and highly recommended'.-- Francois Couture, All Music Guide

Cottage Industrial Volume 2 - V/A CD-R (Humbug 2004) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'Another entry in our compilation series, featuring five tracks from various acts outta the Deserted Village label from Ireland: Murmansk, Agitated Radio Pilot, The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree, and United Bible Studies (UBS with two tracks, one of them being a gorgeous outtake from an outdoors session they did with Vinny Dermody and Colleen (appearing courtesy of the Leaf Label)). A great way to check out this label's sounds! Further we've got all the 12 short tracks from Pål Asle Pettersen's "Spor..." 8-inch EP released earlier this year, which Roel Meelkop in Vital Weekly called "a genuine electroacoustic feast". Eric Cordier appears under his own name (with a reworking of a traditional tune from Brittany, France) and as NOL (No Output Laptops), while Edward Ruchalski and Peter Wright also has two tracks each.....other artists are Ivar Grydeland/Øyvind Torvund, Anders Gjerde, Shifts, Uton, and The Cherry Point (with a full-on blast of harsh noise for good measure).....so a bit 'o this and a bit 'o that, almost all previously unreleased, an awesome way to check out some genuinely adventurous sounds. This is "the shit" even if I say so myself.... bah! 28 tracks, just ten seconds shy of 80 minutes!'

Cottage Industrial Volume 3 - V/A CD-R (Humbug 2004) 60 NOK / 7.5 US $$
Featuring Ryfylke,unidentified mental patients Raionbashi, WAWA, Orange / Manifold, Sinistri, Phô, OvO, wooden Wand & Satya Sai Baba, Excepter, Lunt, Maskinanlegg, Moth, Violets Rock n Roll and the great Idea Fire Company.

Crazy River & Sindre Bjerga - Everything we know is barely being held together (Carbon Records 2007) 80 NOK / 11.75 US
PG Galåen teams up with Mr. Bjerga, and ends up with some "scratchy drone-transmissions". Heavy sounds recorded live in Stavanger and Oslo 2005.

Crazy River / Love Hz / Kobi - Japan Tour 2007" DVD-R End of huM 2008) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'This film documents the 2007 tour of Japan by Per Gisle Galåen (Crazy River), Petter Flaten Eilertsen (Love Hz) and Kai Mikalsen (Kobi). They played 11 shows in 12 days, 10 of which are represented here, including solo, duo and trio performances, as well as collaborations with Japanese musicians in the new bands Dip Apple and Omp Surcle.'

Crazy River and Sindre Bjerga - Black Stained Songs from Silver Spines CDR (Carbon Records 2008) 60 NOK / 10 US $
'Recorded live at Sound of Mu in Oslo Norway, this nearly 25min piece slowly builds into a drone/tone/static throb with periodic blasts of heavier tones, thuds and feedback. always quality sounds from this duo. [packaged in 5x7 chipboard stay-flat with silkscreen and splattered artwork. includes sprayed cdr]'

Crazy River - Sounds Like A Melon To Me CD (Apartment Records / Humbug 2005) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'Multi-instrumentalist Per Gisle Galåen play in numerous bands, including Slowburn, DEL, Birds (with former Acid Mothers Temple gal Cotton Casino), Kobi and many others. He's also done collaborations with Keiji Haino, ultrasound, Alexander Rishaug and Carlos Giffoni to name a few. Galåen has formerly released a split 7" (OHM records) with fellow-Norwegian Fredrik Ness Sevendal and has contributed to a few compilations, but "Sounds like a Melon to Me" is his first solo album. Its ripe for release has been sitting on a dusty shelf for some years, but we are very glad he finally took his time to wipe the dust of these well-seasoned gems. Looking inside this jewel-case you'll find some peeling abstraction and fuzzy heavy organ sounds at first glance. But, if you listen closely you'll be able to catch some whimsical and strange pop-songs dancing the dance of modestly cheerful melancholia somewhere behind the dust. It's a beautiful musty odor to this album that makes you feel good and awoke a smell of nostalgia around the house. The smell of good old lo-fi home-recordings that is. This is a joint release with Humbug Records.'

Daimon - s/t 12" (Myke Droner 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
"The trio Daimon is from the small town Flisa in the southeast of the Norwegian countryside. Mainly instrumentals home made tracks for guitars and organs. Sounds anything likes post rock, easy drone space, monumental church sound-a-like organ (track 'Constantine'), acoustic guitar works (on 'Bad Seamoon'), out there guitar space pop and a lo-fi organ song with vocals on 'Downrising'. Not at all that dark minded as the cover may suggests, but still some Norwegians sadness and wood. May give associates to post rock like Gastr Del Sol or Jim O' Rourke. And early New Zealand underground flashbacks. Limited edition in 300 copies only including home made sleeve." In our own words: Very beautiful

Datarock - Datarock Datarock CD (YAP 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
Fredrik Saroea and Ketil Mosnes doing electronic hardcore with hints of disco and lo-fidelity pop. It's rock, it's datarock.

Deathprod - 6-track 10" (Rune Grammofon 2006) 150 NOK / 22 US $
Five Deathprod remixes of other artists, some of them difficult to find, one of them never before released, plus ”Deerstalker” from Rune Grammfon´s ”Money Will Ruin Everything” compilation. Deluxe Deathprod you might say, though that is a weird expression. Delight? Anyway, Helge Sten´s re-works of the tracks by Nils Petter Molvær, Cloroform, Muroof and Larsen add new lights to the songs and they actually dissolve into another form and shape. Limited run of 1000 copies.

Deathprod - Morals and Dogma CD (Rune Grammofon 2004) CD 150 NOK / 22 US $
'Not considering Deathprod´s split remix album with Biosphere (RCD2005), this is his first new release in 8 years. Previously an associate member of Motorpsycho and until now their co-producer, Helge Sten is probably best known as founder member and producer of freeform quartet Supersilent. Julian Cowley writes in his liner notes to the 4 cd box: ²Morals And Dogma² is a potent distillation of Deathprod music, simultaneously concentrated and diffuse, mining seams of potentiality in mood and slow movement, at once finely detailed and vast, microscopic and boundless, breaking open temporal cells to access zones of timelessness.'

DEL - Five Dolls For An August Moon LP (Synesthetic Recordings 2006) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
After ten years of obscure singles, cassettes and ultra-limited live LPs Five Dolls For An August Moon is the long awaited debut studio album from Norwegian drone-space-freak-psychedelic-noise-out-rock band DEL. DEL is a trio consisting of Kjell Runar "Killer" Jenssen (Origami Arktika, Kobi, ex-Motorpsycho), Lasse Marhaug (Jazkamer, Nash Kontroll, Testicle Hazard, collaborations with Alan Courtis, Carlos Giffoni, Peter Rehberg) and Per Gisle Galåen (Slowburn, The Birds, Ranheim, collaborations with Jojo Hiroshige, Keiji Haino, Makoto Kawabata), but for most recordings and gigs they are joined by various guests. Five Dolls For An August Moon features longtime almost-member Fredrik Ness Sevendal on guitar. For those who know DEL from their distorted and explosive live performances Five Dolls For An August Moon may come as a surprise, as the band takes on a slightly more subtle and subdued approach. More of a trippy psychedelic space drug hallucination than mangled lo/no- fi splatter-noise-rock meltdown, Five Dolls For An August Moon is a dream of technicolor macabre sliced into 180 grams of virgin vinyl. As two of DEL's members are former cinema projectionists and all of them are film buffs they have always incorporated film references in their music (often performing live to obscure cinematic gems), and Five Dolls For An August Moon is no exception, its title taken from an early '70s giallo by Italian master of horror Mario Bava, a longtime favorite of the band.

DEL / Birchville Cat Motel / A. M. - Live at Cuba Street Carnival & Huttstock - 2005 TAPE (TWR Tapes 2005) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'Sixty hallucinogenic minutes of seducing out-no-post-pre-wave drone rock recorded at DEL's New Zealand rampage February 2005. One side is live at the Cuba Street Carnival, Wellington, february 26th 2005. Flip the tape and you're treated to a delirious freak-out at the Huttstock Festival in Lower Hutt the following day. Performed by Petter Flaten Eilertsen, Antony Milton, Campbell Kneale, Lasse Marhaug, Per Gisle Galåen and Kjell Runar Jenssen. Recorded directly to cassette, in glorious dolby mono.'

DEL - Tremors / Screamers CD-R (Gold Soundz 2004) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
'Reissue of the long deleted "Tremors/Screamers", originally a cassette on the much loathed Freedom From label, on glorious CD-R format. Comes with original artwork and the audio is digitally remastered, so it actually sounds like we're right there in your living room; trashing your furniture, looting your fridge and drinking your beer. One hour of drone mayhem.' Features Fibo-Trespo lad Sindre Bjerga.

DEL – No Escape From The Valley Of The Cannibals 7" (Killer 1998) 40 NOK / 5 US $
Fairly structured, and no uncontrolled noise-bleedings. But; exotic drums, guitar textures, drifting loops and source-sounds from seventies erotic cannibal films. A very well-done Killer job.

DEL – Twilight Of The Dead 7" (Killer 2000) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
A homage to the zombies of the world on screen, Twilight Of The Dead makes you lock your door and load your gun. Dialogues and scary moods from zombie-classics as Night Of The Living Dead and Zombie Flesheaters, complete with sounds from the band, Mr. Cosmonaut and Ness Sevendal.

Der Brief – Volum CD (Jazzassin Records 1999) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
This Bergen four-piece band debuts with a "hectic, complex and relentless step into speed electro-acoustic improv-avant-pop-artnoise holocaust land. If you like Ground Zero, Farmers Manual or Ennio Morricone this is for you." Contributes to the Le Jazz Non comp as well.

Det Glade Vanvidd – Surfin’ Beirut 7" (Knallsyndikatet 1988) 30 NOK / 3.5 US $
Crazy out-there psycho music seriously shakin’ stomp from this Trondheim group, which now is long gone. Recommended.

Det Glade Vanvidd - The Rest Of...1984-1989 CD (Indeterminant Music 2006) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Trondheim-based unit making sounds and fun for all it's worth in the happy 80's. They released a handful of tapes, one 7" and contributed to lots of compilation album. These are the some of that songs; 20 in total. Someone said 'dissolving and gravel shouts from a sinking monkey', which we highly agree to. Playful and time-less, it is a sort of 'rock-music' with an dada-attitude. Mix The Residents with Scratch Acid, and voila; you got DGV! Anyway; It's a damn fine document of one of the most memorable Trondheim-bands in the last century. We may add that some of them ended up being politicians, which makes totally sense. Includes the hits Surfin' Beirut, Jakob, Utfor Stupet, Ut Av Byen, Shakespeare In The Bush and even a live-version of Scratch Acid's 'Cannibal'.

Dipsomaniacs - The Tremolo of Her Mind... the Strings of Her Soul CD (Free City Media) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Kicking off with the cool 4:35 instrumental Miles Away, that feels like some methodical epic climbing hymn to clear horizons and hope; given a blind test drive I'd guess it was Cerberus Shoal in a very good mood, in part due to the gratuitous and lovely employment of brass. Flowing beautifully (the segue works without the following track feeling clipped if started separately) into the country flavored Before Painting Your Murals and it's a Norwegian mirror of American western mythos in a certain Byrds-Burrito sorta way that feels utterly natural and of a warm songlike fullness that rivals any previous Dipso's pop outing; with lyrics, and melodic structure and all. Next is the quarter of an hour of Dipso Raga #1 (for George) which lives up to the title by its structure and sitar like pluck and strum, but soon the tidal sway is rolling and reeling into slightly free jazzy territory, and again I'm reminded more of Cerberus Shoal or JOMF than anything I'd have previously associated with these guys. Hear Me, Take Me is a gentle acoustic lullaby of nearly wordless vocals, guitar, pump organ and chimes that feels like utter bliss for almost four minutes. The staggering twenty minute In Syd's Garden, is the one that gonna make all space rock fans froth at the mouth. Good and thick with lots of glowing keyboards and extra-terrestrial instrumental wigging, this builds to a climactic plateau and then surveys the scene, the camera turning sweeping 360 degree views at the summit, crowning yet another creative milestone for this stellar outfit.' - George Parsons, Dream Magazine. Different covers for the CD and LP (listed in Apartment's releases).

Dipsomaniacs - Praying Winter CD (Big Dipper 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'Praying Winter is naked, personal and staggeringly beautiful - the band's most intimate and open work to date. Psychedelic flourishes have been toned down to pull the focus of the songs back onto the emotional weight of Holm's melodies, words and vocals. Fans of the swirl of vintage psych-pop need not fear though - here is band that seems to sound psychedelic no matter what they do. Art and craft collide everywhere - each song perfectly arranged to suit its needs, whether this involves the addition of a George Martinesque string quartet arrangement here, strategic use of brass there, or in one case Håkon Gebhardt from Motorpsycho contributing banjo to "No. 2 Ventricle Road". The opener "Dear Mrs Widdercombe", title track, and Norwegian hit single "Read My Mind" are surely modern pop classics, but perhaps the darker tones of "How to Fall" and "Caught By This Feeling" linger longest in the mind. They bless us with undying echoes.'

Dipsomaniacs - Read My Mind (And Tell Me) CDEP (Big Dipper 2003) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Dipsomaniacs - Read My Mind (And Tell Me) 7" (Big Dipper 2003) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $

The title-track (previously released in another version on the Broken Face comp), Calender Song (written by Øyvind and his brother Thor Jørgen), and Hell Love Goodbye and Carve in Wood (new versions) from Bumble-Bee Eyes. A pop bliss.

Dipsomaniacs - Stethoscopic Notion CD (Camera Obscura 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
After the almost "concept album" feel of predecessor "Braid of Knees" this latest album returns to the pure song focus of the earlier "Reverb No Hollowness" album. This means that it can be firmly placed on a continuum of modern but 60s-influenced paisley pop, which started with bands like The Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate and continued on to bands like Green Pajamas, Olivia Tremor Control and The Photon Band. In fact, two tracks were co-written with the Photon Band's Art Di Furia ("Of Reaching Out" and "Bring Flowers to the Courthouse"), and the result is pure Transatlantic pop bliss. Di Furia also contributes vocals to the latter track. A delicious winner. See Apartment section for lp-version.

Dipsomaniacs - Bootleg 7" (Boot 2002) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Wow! A Dipso boot!! Finally! Some claims this is an Italian boot, but we suspect some crazy Japanese Dipsoheads to be the minds behind this. Though the fact that it is pressed in the Czech Repuplic may indicate that this is a European release. The tracks: Ugly Side (from ca. 1992), Water Choir's Drowning (acc. demo), Stethoscopic Notion (acc. demo), Not Cute (4-track version), Nothing Is For Keeps (acc. version from ca. 92), Reaching Out (demo before Art DeFuria put his stuff on). Dipso-approved.

Dipsomaniacs – Dulcimer’s Dream 7" (Two Zero Records 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
"The title track "Dulcimer's Dream"(from the upcoming album) is an archetypally deft piece of 60s-influenced pop-syke, starting out with an almost folky acoustic introduction, and developing into a raucous piece of power-pop. "You're a Very Lovely Woman" is of course a cover version of the Emitt Rhodes classic, first done as a single with The Merry-Go-Round in the mid-60s). The final track "Love-Resistant Gortex" is comparatively dark and obsessive - a stalking slab of minor key urban angst with some of Øyvind's keenest vocals and a real howling psych-swirl going on around them." – Tony Dale.

Dipsomaniacs – Bellows Make You Burn More Brightly 7" (Camera Obscura 2000) 45 NOK / 5.75 US $
From our Dipsoial friends on the very cool Australian Camera Obscura label. "[…] shows that the Dipsomaniacs are going to continue on and up from the brilliance of "Braid of Knees" with no end in sight to their ascent." -Tony Dale

Disgraceland Inc – Some Other Nonsensical Beliefs CD (Starbag 1998) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Duo comparable to Sportsguitar, Half Japanese and Pavement. Short and simple songs recorded on a four-track by these two brothers that is Disgraceland Inc. CD-R.

DJ Bra Nesegir / Fibo-Trespo / Kjertl Del Brondo Group / Noxagt – Split 7" (Synesthetic 2001) 40 NOK /5 US $
New fabulous Oslo-label, releasing stuff we enjoy. First up is this compilation of sounds from the Sandnes syndicate. Excellent.

Doggie Pound - A Beatific Bundle of Norwegian Indies CD (Perfect Pop /Jippi Forlag 1999)145 NOK/19.75 US $
Jippi Forlag is publishers of Norwegian fine and fun comics, but had a wish to publish music as well. So in co-operation with Perfect Pop they decided to release this compilation CD with Dipsomaniacs (Will I Ever), Whopper (with a track worth the whole comp), Astroburger, Stuntbike, The Chairs and Tables and a whole bunch more. Most tracks available elsewhere, but it’s a very good comp.

Dog & Sky - When You Die / Horse of the Lord 7" (Crispin Glover 2005) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Matt Burt with Truls Lorentzen, Vigdis Skjelmo and Michael F. Duch. Think sandwich consisting of Joy Division and Sonic Youth with some spicy garlic-salada.

Dollinger / Dillinger Duo 7" (Bronson Recordings 2003) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Andrè of Bronson Comet Lighter with a man whose not to be named. Freak-hall rock for your stereo.

Domestic Purpose - Tschuman Behaviour CD-R (Humbug 2004) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
'Domestic Purpose is the duo of Sindre Andersen (of the sadly defunct Duo Kanel, and TV5 label man) and Andre Borgen (who records under own name and/or as AHB). Besides these substantial claims to fame we've now got this fresh evidence of "tschuman behaviour" which combines music, action sports (maybe) and drama (for sure) in a wholly confused and deliciously psychedelic manner. The fist review delivered a dead-pan comparison to Merzbow. Domestic Purpose is surfing the foamy crest of the last wave of norwegian noise waters (those in the kitchen sink maybe). How apocalyptic is that? Comes in startling & colourful artwork featuring a Witcyst machine collage - nice. Edition of 80 copies.'

Dream magazine #3 2002 70 NOK/ 9.5 US $
'96 pages, squarebound, with CD. Lots of pictures. Extensive interviews and features focusing on: The Green Pajamas, Vashti Bunyan, poet Robert Creeley, The Witch Hazel Sound, The Iditarod, Peter Scion, Ultrasound, Sami Sänpäkkilä of Es, Kiila, and Fonal Records, Jeffrey Lewis, Mail Art, U.F.O.s, Terrastock V, The Sand Pebbles, Dipsomaniacs, Cerberus Shoal, Phosphene, Aquarium Poppers, Bingo Trappers and more. Peter Blegvad (Slapp Happy, Leviathan, etc.) again offers his artistic skills, this time with an episode of ‘The Pedestrian’, and Mats Gustafsson of the essential Swedish music publication The Broken Face contributes his ‘20 Unknown Modern Classics as Seen through a Broken Face’. There is also a feature on cassette label Next Best Thing. Guest reviewers this issue include Jesse Poe, and Byron Coley, as usual there are hundreds of reviews. Like the last issue, this one will feature a CD of previously unreleased tracks (many recorded with dream themes specifically for this compilation) by: The Sand Pebbles, Glen Johnson, Jeff Kelly, Goblin Market, The Green Pajamas, Peter Scion, Dipsomaniacs, Nick Bensen, Ultrasound, The Iditarod, Bingo Trappers, Aquarium Poppers, Suzanne Suzanne, Phosphene, Jonathan Richman, Kid Icarus, and The Slow Poisoners.'

Duo Kanel - Livsopplevende Dikt CD-R (Humbug 2003) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'Fine audio-daubs from the reckless duo of Sindre Andersen and Ansten Klev. The duo enjoys noise as well as rock & pop, and "Livsopplevende Dikt" is conceptual dollop as well as good clean fun.'

Duperkammer - s/t CDEP (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
'Jazzkammer teams up with Jørgen Træen aka Sir Dupermann. The Duperkammer collaboration project was born when Jazzkammer was invited to play in Singapore 2002. Lasse Marhaug of Jazzkammer had to cancel the trip, and Jørgen "Sir Dupermann" Træen, longtime friend and producer of Pancakes, stepped in for Marhaug. The mix of Dupermann`s and Jazzkammer`s sound was a big success, and the idea of a collaboration project was immediately born.'

düplo - Høy Sjø og Landlov (EP) CD-R-EP (Melektronikk 2004) 65 NOK / 8.5 US $
"Four years have gone since the eccentric group düplo released their critically acclaimed debut LP "Slingringsmonn". Time goes fast when you're at sea. Finally the terrific trio strikes back with a new EP! düplo gives you three salty tracks about the rough, yet charming life at sea, entitled "Høy Sjø og Landlov". This is music without solid ground, floating dark green matter with clusters of silently squeaking jellyfish drifting towards the rainbow splatted oily surface."

düplo – Slingringsmonn LP (Safe As Milk Vinyl 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Jon Øvstedal, Gaute Sortland and Andreas Meland doing improvised music inbetween noise and electroacoustic music. Tape-recorders, samplers, theremin, found-objects and other various sources in space.

EhwaZ - Den Siste Ulvejakta? CD (Medit Music 2001) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
Mostly a quartet, EhwaZ is a kind of world- and folk-music. This cd consists of both studio-work and live-performances. Throat singing, violins, flutes, bass, guitars, percussion, harps, kantele, ballafon and gambri make this a entirely fine release. With Kelly from the Origami Syndikate.

Ekeberg, Frank – Intra CD (PlingPlong 2001) 135 NOK / 19.75 US $$
"Frank Ekeberg began exploring the compositional potential of music technology in the mid-1980s when he got ahold of a 4-track cassette recorder and a couple of guitar effects pedals. He received his first music degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) before he went on to study electronic music composition with Pauline Oliveros and Alvin Curran at Mills College in Oakland, California, and with Denis Smalley at City University in London, UK. Ekeberg's music is frequently performed in concert series and music festivals all over the world. As well as concert works, he has composed music and sound for dance, film, theatre, radio plays and sound installations. Frank Ekeberg has received several prizes and awards from prestigious international music organisations, and his work can be found in numerous public and institutional audio archives around the world." This album consists of 4 pieces; all dynamic and warm.

Electric Leak : The North of It - V/A CD (no label / Ballongmagasinet 2003) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Nice lookin' and soundin' CD compiled for the opening party of the Nordic Pavillon Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia. Swedish, Finish and Norwegian acts as Hugger Mugger, Single Unit, fe-mail, Alexander Rishaug (exclusive track), Tommy Olsson (exclusive track), Pål Asle Pettersen (previosly not released), Erkki Kurenniemi etc. etc.

Electric Mono River - No Sunlight Down Here CDR (Dead Sea Liner 2008) 60 NOK / 10 US $
'Recorded live at Sound of Mu in Oslo Norway, this nearly 25min piece slowly builds into a drone/tone/static throb with periodic blasts of heavier tones, thuds and feedback. always quality sounds from this duo. [packaged in 5x7 chipboard stay-flat with silkscreen and splattered artwork. includes sprayed cdr]'

Elektrodiesel – the summer sessions in D# [let's stay together] LP (Synesthetic 2001) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
"This album contains material recorded by Elektrodiesl in Haugesund, Norway, during the summer of 1999. All live, all improvised, all real - unmixed and unpolished. Elektrodiesel is an ongoing musical collaborative between myself [Espen Jensen] and whoever joins in at any hiven time." This time they're Espen Jensen, Tom S. Magnussen and Vidar Evensen. Analogue synths, solo- and feedback-guitars, organ and percussion. Really good prog-style drone-psychedelia, and with a sound that reminds us of NZ-bands like Gate, Pumice et al. Recommended.

Elektronische Geist. – Transystem EP 12" (WTC 2000) 70 NOK / 9.5 US $
Elektronische Geist. is Kjell Gaute Grude from Egersund, now living in Bergen. Deep and dark electronica the UK way, with a little help from analog syntheseizers and Commodore 64.

Element – Shaman CD (bp 1998) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Handsome foursome doing Coltranesque power-avantjazz. "A fusion of aggressive hardbop and classical indian music." This is their second album.

Elgarøy, Tore – The Sound Of The Sun CD (Rune Grammofon 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
"In our estimate the most personal and inventive Norwegian guitarist since Terje Rypdal. Tore Elgarøys career soared to great hights when he appeared on Lee Claytons comeback album and Europe tour in 88, and completely stole the show with the sheer brilliance of his playing. After this he mysteriously withdrew from the music scene, but started writing and recording some years ago, with a completely new approach. The Sound of The Sun is a mix of solo guitar pieces and improvised sound abstractions, all deeply personal, intense and unlike any «guitar» records we´ve heard."

EPA – Evergreens Vol. Two / Startour CD (Scope 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Thirteen tracks, five performed by EPA, the remaining eight are adaptions of the track "Startour" done by Påsan, Micromars, Theme Jennie Menid Band, Safariari, Computorgirl, Icon of Coil, Remington Super 60 and Hüdlager.

EPA – Evergreens Vol. One 7" (Myke Droner / Microscope 2000) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
More guitar-oriented than the release below, with some cello-playing and electronics. This is pop!

EPA - EPA CD (Microscpope 1999) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
EPA is Rune Østhagen, with a little help from two guys from hip-hopsters Pen Jakke. Performed with acoustic guitars, piano, electronics, sampled beats, hammond, vocals and so on, this is a fine fine debut from a participator of "the new electronic pop-scene".

Ethnobabes, The - Thoughts On Barbecuing EP CDEP (Perfect Pop 2003) 80 NOK / 10.75 US $
It's about a year since Ethnobabes debut-album Stargazer hit the racks, and here they are again. Three new members adds more nicety to it all! Now counting eight members we are served a pop-universe with the blend of the 60's.

Ethnobabes, The - Stargazer CD (Perfect Pop 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
This is fine pop folks! Feel-good catchy and heart-melting summer-pop bundled in the sound of Rickenbacker and Vox, with the dame Eivor and her blessed voice on top. 13 short pearls (of whom 7 were on the 'You Can't Make Me' 10") we recommend a listen.

Ethnobabes – You Can’t Make Me 10" (Perfect Pop 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Seven short and slanting pop tunes in a 60s inspired setting. Neat!

Euroboys – 1999 Man 10" (Man’s Ruin 2000) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
"...from sleazy-listening to majestic pop-rock...a universe of listening pleasure! File next to Henry Mancini, Vampyros Lesbos and Casino Royal...as seen through an acid-drenched filter!"

Everybody Knows This Is Norway: A Norwegian Tribute To Neil Young – V/A 2LP / CD (Switch Off 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
With Ring, Behind Bars Bluegrass Boys, Kenneth, Kim & Co., My Rhyme, Electric Jam Soul Aquarium, Funguson, American Suitcase, Magnetic Tapes, Home Groan, Salvation Circus, Madrugada, Safe In Santiago, Oyster, Reverend Lovejoy, Thee Unmist, Wagle and Slowburn & The Soft Rebels. The vinyl-edition is stricly limited.

Ewing, Reidar – s/t 10" (Hödd Foundation 1999) 70 NOK / 8.75 US $
From out of nowhere comes Reidar with a rather stunning debut in the pop-vein. Elliot Smithsque songs with drum-machines, violines, organs, guitars and so on. Bad pressing, with some hissing on one track. Although recommended.

Exquisite Corpse – Various Artists CD (no label 1999) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
A co-operation between Arne Borgan, Marius von der Fehr, Bjarte Gismarvik, Espen Lia Gregoriussen, Kjetil Grøntoft, Ole Jørgen Løvås and Are Mokkelbost. 21 very fine pieces.

Fairbanks – Plus CD (no label 2000) 120 US / 17.5 US $
Electronic music done through virus-infected computers. (!) . Quite industrial, but poppy somewhere too.

Fe-mail - Voluptuous Vulture 10" (PsychForm 2005) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
'10" EP version. This release is limited to 400 copies on black vinyl. Fe-mail is an electronics/noise duo consisting of Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord, both known from the anarchistic improv quartet SPUNK. Fe-mail's music is electronic music based on improvisation with live sampling as well as recordings of their own generated sounds and field recordings. Their music is characterised by the use of old fashioned, analogue electronic and acoustic sound sources such as pan pipes, harmonica, and other underestimated instruments, side by side with computers and samplers. The new release on PsychForm Records is a rolling thunder of mayhem that combines all of these elements with the spazmaticly beautiful vocal stylings of Maja Ratkje.'

Fe-Mail featuring Lasse Marhaug - All Men Are Pigs CD (Gameboy 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Pigs watch out! Here come the sluts! And they're not alone! This time they bring their male-slut buddy Mr. Marhaug and they're all pissed! Infamous voices- synths no use to mankind - strapped down screaming out to die. Great mean free-style noise music for your mind and flesh. Very cool cover too.

Fe-Mail - Syklubb Fra Hælvete CD (Important Records 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Originally pressed on 500 vinyl slabs and sold-out from the TV5 label, this sonic mayhem of pink noise is available on CD. Quoting Mr. Moore of Sonic Youth: "Out of Norway comes the most exciting noise LP I've heard to date. These two women romp thru stimulating noise compositions fresh and clean w/ a distinct Scandinavian frost. But there's always an undercurrent of warm embrace, sweet and masterful."

Fenomenon – Pacific Memories 12" (Nuphonic 2000) 70 NOK / 8.75 US $
Stavanger-groop with their debut on British label Nuphonic.

Fibo-Trespo / Gjerde, Anders - A Hoax. A Scam. A Phony. 7" (Tonschacht 2003) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'Fibo-Trespo is the project of DJ/multi-instrumentalist Sindre Bjerga from Stavanger/Norway (owner of the Gold Soundz label and zine), mainly as a duo with Kjetil D. Brandsdal. Together they explored different subgenres of experimental music, from field recordings via music concrète to improv and back, on several tapes and 7''s and a very special sort of rock-deconstruction on their first LP (on Smalltown Supersound), which at the same time contained already less improvisation, more electronics, samples, electric toys. This direction which is further developed on this 7". A hoax. A scam. A phony is the first Fibo-Trespo record Bjerga released together with Andres Gjerde (owner of the Humbug label). Side A contains a more ambient piece which consists of melancholic organ melodies mixed with miniatures on a toy-piano and a wild oscilloscope sounds like a homemade scifi-soundtrack in the vein of Forbidden Planet. Side B begins as a thick, multi-layered and heavily distorted drone piece -- which lets you know how a jam-session between the vibracathedral orchestra with Tony Conrad could sound like -- and ends in abstract, celestial reverb. Those two very different sides illustrates the eclecticism inside the cosmos of Fibo-Trespo's homemade weirdness which sometimes isn't that far away from the genius of early Royal Trux.'

Fibo-Trespo - Ez Az Elektromos LP (Smalltown Supersound 1999) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Debut LP from Sindre Bjerga and Kjetil D Brandsdal, with a little help from a friend. A hybrid of electronic and acoustic rock, done with huge portions of humour

Fibo-Trespo - Ice Vendor Girl CD-R (Synesthetic Recordings 2004) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Norwegian improvocateurs Fibo-Trespo (Sindre Bjerga and Kjetil Brandsdal) recorded live at Blå in Oslo back in 1999. CD-R released in a limited edition of 100 numbered copies.

Fibo-Trespo - Askel Oikeaan Suuntaan CD-R (Musically Incorrect Records 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Featuring 6 tracks of whom the tracks previously has been found on The 'Et steg i riktig retning' lathe-cut 10" (from 1997), a never released compilation tape and the Sandnes Records-released 7" lathe-cut from 1998. Released on Finish label MIR. Nice wallpaper cover.

Fibo-Trespo – 8.01 % Action CD-R (Humbug 2002) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'A lot like AMMusic, right down to the post-Rowe vague-scrape and Tilbury-esque piano haunting. There's no Eddie Prevost counterpart, though; Fibo-Trespo is a drummerless duo (for this release anyway). And, where AMM has a museum vibe (because that's where their career has taken them), Fibo-Trespo have a living room vibe. Good rainy day music, with its own particular melancholy, almost always a saving grace. Blastitude #14 This is a reissue of Sindre Bjerga and Kjetil D. Brandsdal's second cassette from 1996.'

Fibo Trespo - s/t (Absurd 2002) CD-R 55 NOK / 7 US $
Another re-issue of the first Fibo-Trespo from 1996. We have still copies left of the first re-issue, but this one has an even nicer cover. And a bonus-track, which is the b-side of the FT split with KD Brandsdal on Myke Droner. 99 numbered copies.

Flamenco Peko – Flame EP 12" (Flamenco Peko 2001) 65 NOK / 8.25 US $
Electronic pop-music is a shallow tag, but it is a sort of electronic pop (with acoustic guitars). Not the kind that stinks all the way to Universal or wherever, but the lo-fidelity and slightly strange one. One side with vocals, the other one is instrumental. As far as we know the folks are from Fredrikstad.

Flaten, Ingebrigt Håker - Double Bass CD (Sofa 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'Ingebrigt (Håker) Flaten is one of Norway’s most important characters in creative music today. Flaten has released almost 40 CDs with musicians like Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, and his colleague for years Paal Nilssen-Love. «Double Bass» is his first solo CD. The release was recorded in a studio in Oslo during spring 2003 on two different double basses.'

FNS - s/t CD-R (Clearsnare 2005) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
FNS is in fact Fredrik Ness Sevendal, from bands like Slowburn and Marmont, as well as part-time guitar-slave in DEL. This is his first full-length release (check out his split with PGG on OHM Records). It's a beautiful guitar-album, in the droney and soundscaping sort of way. We cut from Vital: ' Sevendal doesn't treat his guitars until they disappeared, but rather plays them in real time, but he uses different techniques to do so. In 'Silence To Say Hello' this is a kind of free tinkling around but in 'Sappélur' he goes for some dirty drone like layerings. In 'Wooden Leg' however simple, layered strummings take place and likewise hummings in the background, a nice contrasting piece to the previous two. The final two pieces are a like these variations, with the psychedelic 'Dream' as the final track. Five different pieces, showing a true love of the guitar in it's various aspects. Nice one indeed.'

Food - Veggie (Rune Grammofon 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
This is the third album from the quartet featuring Iain Ballamy (sax), Arve Henriksen (trumpet), Mats Eilertsen (bass) and Thomas Strønen (trommer), produced by Helge Sten (Deathprod). The blend of Ballamy´s distinctive and lyrical saxophone and Henriksen´s breathy trumpet textures is the perfect foil for the entrancing bass and drum trips created by the young rhythm section and Deathprods electronic soundscaping. Veggie also includes an exclusive track from Deathprod.

Fra Lippo Lippi - The Early Years CD (Rune Arkiv 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Fra Lippo Lippi - The Best Of CD (Rune Arkiv 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$

Rune Grammofon has set up a subsidiary label called Rune Arkiv as a platform to release material from Fra Lippo Lippi, the pop duo that was led by Rune Grammofon´s founder and had some international success back in the eighties. On "The Early Years" you get their first two albums, "In Silence" (1981) and "Small Mercies" (1983) as well as two instrumental b-sides. "The Best Of Fra Lippo Lippi" has 15 songs from the period between 1985 and 95 and includes their biggest hit "Shouldn´t Have To Be Like That" as well as "Angel", featuring Walter Becker from Steely Dan on guitar and production duties.

Free Music Ensemble - Montage 2CD (Okka Disk 2006) 150 NOK / 22 US $
Ken Vandermark (reeds), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums) and Nate McBride (bass) doing free improvisations dedicated to the great film-makers of the world. Two discs, two concerts.

Further Adventures Of The Telepathic Explorers - V/A CD (Free City Media 2003) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'New, rare and unreleased tracks by AqPop, Anton Barbeau, Nick Bensen & Jeff Sanders, The Bevis Frond, The Bitter Little Cider Apples, Dipsomaniacs, The God Box, The Heads, The Impossible Shapes, Kable, Lucky Bishops, Patrick Porter, Sh'Mantra, The Sunshine Fix Electric Blues Band, Troll, and Joe Turner.'

Føfftemand – Push Start EP 7" (Two Zero Records 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Beautiful wallpaper-cover and pretty good sounds too. Guitar-driven power-pop from Stjørdal!

Gjerde, Anders – Kylling Smask / Klunk Berry CD-R (Humbug 2001) 65 NOK / 8 US $ $
Great collage-stuff from Bergen-guy now living in Stavanger. Weird, fucked-up and emotional field-noise-improv recordings. Yes!

Gjerstad / Brandsdal - Antiphonic CD-R (Utech 2006) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
6 tracks, 43 minutes. Recorded in Stavanger 4/10 2005.

Gravel Control - The Whylight Zone 7" EP (Apartment Records 2005) 60 NOK / 8 US $
This is the debut 7" of the two Norwegian pop-heads, Christian Dam (vocals, guitars and bass) and Håvard Berstad (vocals, drums, bass and knobs). It contains 4 psychedelic pop tunes that are drifting along with odd melancholy and what seems to be a naive glance at the world. A nice world, where small green men sometimes are seen gazing at the moon. The dusty homespun production leaves you with a good warm feeling. Dam's crooked guitar-layers, Berstad's strange-sounding 60's-like drums and their slow-going vocals make a very personal sound. Though Gravel Control has a pretty different approach, the influence of Syd Barret and Pink Floyd's early stages does not go by unnoticed. Musically it's very different, but they do invoke some of that warm "mushroomy" out-there feeling that we love so much. Fredrik Ness Sevendal (Slowburn, DEL, Kobi etc.) is contributing with some foggy guitar sounds on "Up to the sky". Cuddling up in the sofa under a blanket with some comics seems like a really good idea while/after listening to the catchy dreamscapes of these two fellows. Comes in thick full-cover sleeve and on heavy vinyl.

Grande, Jono El - Fevergreens CD (Rune Grammofon 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'The young Norwegian outsider composer leads his 9-piece orchestra through a highly personal and unique collection of instrumentals, with nods to early seventees progressive rock, easy listening, film music and sophisticated pop. A vital and life affirming rollercoaster ride combining intricate arrangements with memorable and melodic hooks.' "The effervescent mood of "Fevergreens" is a pleasant surprise. The hackneyed view that Norwegian music is condemned to register anxious introspection through brooding atmospheres should be dispelled once and for all by Jono El Grande´s relentlessly entertaining music. "Fevergreens" often suggests a festival of ersatz folk music contrived by Zappa. Elsewhere it may bring to mind a 1960s film soundtrack scored by Henry Cow with a local dance orchestra commandeered to accompany action sequences. At times Jono El Grande plays risky games with potentially banal materials, but the vitality of his writing keeps just the right uplifting balance between sweetness and acidity". - The Wire.

Grydeland, Ivar + Tonny Kluften + Paul Lovens - These Six CD (SOFA 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'These Six is six improvised pieces of acoustic music performed by the young Norwegian musicians Ivar Grydeland and Tonny Kluften, and the German pioneer Paul Lovens. Grydeland plays acoustic guitar and fake-banjo, Kluften plays double bass and Lovens plays what he describes as "selected and unselected drums and percussion". The music is dynamic and contrasted. Some pieces are longer and moreextensive while others are shorter with tonal and rhythmical strictness. The CD was recorded in June by Audun Strype.'

Grydeland, Ivar / Ingar Zach / Philipp Wachsmann / Charlotte Hug - Wazahugy CD (SOFA 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$$
Electronics, viola, violin, guitar and percussion. 'We arrived in Brixton from far away points, into a nice spacious studio, bringing a range of qualities, instruments, preferences and negotiable sounds, and, of course, our personalities. The music went beyond the sum of the parts - that is the magic we expect to make. It includes dimensions of space, suggestions, the definite tense, long, sharp integration, fantasy, dialogue, qualities of closeness and distance, cool and hot. Now as a listener, as much as I try to test its validity for a CD with multiple hearings, I am drawn into it - what is observed, what is engaged in, what are the sounds, what is the spirit behind the sounds.' - Philipp Wachsmann September 2002.

Hansen, Arne & The Guitarspellers - The Popville Horror CD (Perfect Pop 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Willy B draws paralells to Led Zeppelin, The B52's and fresh drinks. We don't disagree at all.

Haugan, Dag-Are - 9 Solitaires LP ((K-RAA-K)3 2002) 135 NOK / 19.75 US $
Haugan is part of electronica duo Alog, and has been making sounds on his own for some time now (just like Alog-compadre Espen Sommer Eide aka Phonophani). Recorded between 1997 and 2000. Cover artwork by Kim Hiorthøy.

Hazards Of Substance Abuse – Vol. I 7" (Disturbance 1998) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Non-fast and groovy beats with analog sounds and samples from this/these unidentified person/persons.

Hegre, John - Duelling Banjos CD-R card (Synesthetic Recordings 2005) 40 NOK / 6 US $
A couple of great minutes with John Hegre.

Hegre, John - A Nice Place To Leave 3" CDS (Dekorder 2003) 50 NOK / 7 US $
''A Nice Place To Leave' is music beyond improvisation, composition, genre and academy. Utilizing small electronic devices, computer and guitar the music is slowly shifting and, sometimes, suddenly collapsing, from subtle drones to extreme noise bursts. While patiently being focused and granting space to individual sounds and movements, Hegre's tracks are constantly evolving, never standing still without being ridiculously nervous. Themes appear and then, suddenly disappear into oblivion, without ever losing the overall atmosphere of the record, making this a very individual and coherent release.' Hegre is part of Kaptein Kaliber and Jazzkammer.

Hegre, John / Marhaug, Lasse / Sten, Helge – The Comfort Of Objects CD (OHM 1999) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Collaboration CD where the three artists have reworked the same source material, not knowing what the others would do with it -resulting in three very different sollutions. From the intense and loud to the subtle and beautiful.

Hellfire - Skulls and bones T-SHIRT 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
T-shirt in 'washed' black (large) or black (medium and small).

Hellfire - Billion Dollar Cranium CD (Synesthetic Recordings 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Fuck nu metal! Be doomed! Seven untitled tracks of deadly metal by Norway's Hellfire, featuring members of Noxagt. Let's get doomed!

Hello Goodbye - Haunted Holiday CD (Racing Junior 2004) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
New and excellent album by these Norwegian Swedes. Great pop-stuff.

Hello Goodbye - Heart Attack LP (Racing Junior 2002) 125 NOK / 18.25 US $
Hello Goodbye - Heart Attack CD (Racing Junior 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$

After releases on Smalltown Supersounda and Booff, Hello Goodbye signs to Racing Junior and offers nice pop and hysterical punk. A Scandinavian union of Swedes, Lisa Lundkvist (vocals) and Johannes Kanschat (drums), and Norwegians Frode Fivel (guitar and vocals) and Alex Kloster-Jensen (producer and guitar), Hello Goodbye have been compared to Velvet Underground, The Cramps and The White Stripes.

Henriksen, Arve - Chiaroscuro CD (Rune Grammofon 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"The follow-up to this fantastic trumpet player´s debut album, the much acclaimed "Sakuteiki" from 2001 (RCD2021). BBC Online called it "a thing of rare and compelling beauty.... musicmaking as natural and essential as breathing". This time he is joined by drummer Audun Kleive and sound artist Jan Bang to create some very beautiful musical soundscapes where the trumpet is the natural point of focus. There´s also more room for Arve´s wordless singing, sometimes used to stunning effect with Supersilent."

Henriksen, Arve – Sakuteiki CD (Rune Grammofon 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Sakuteiki (A Treatise on Garden Making) is the world´s oldest commentary on garden planning, written in Japan, probably during the second half of the 11th century. One of it´s central ideas, and one that is repeated throughout the treaties, regards the importance of placing things "where they are called for". This principal can of course be linked directly to the music on "Sakuteiki" as well. Japanese music and culture have been important sources of inspiration in Arve´s musical development and he has for a long time been fascinated by the tonal quality of the Japanese Shakuhachi flute. This has given him a sense of direction when it comes developing his own trumpet sound. "Sakuteiki" is the long awaited solo debut from one of Norway´s most distinguished instrumentalists. 15 unique moments of quiet contemplation beautifully recorded by fellow Supersilent member Helge Sten (Deathprod). The young trumpeter has placed his distinctive mark on a number of local recordings and concerts since he started out as a freelance musician in 89. He is also knowned as a regular member of Veslefrekk (pre-Supersilent), Audun Kleive´s Bitt, Food (w/Iain Ballamy), Christian Wallumrød Trio, Trygve Seim Orchestra and of course Supersilent. Arve Henriksen: Trumpet, harmonium, church organ, vocal." Lovely.

Hide Unas - s/t 2LP (Manu Ipsa 2004) 200 NOK / 29 US $
Hide Unas - s/t CD (Manu Ipsa 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $

A well-hidden treasure from this Bodø-unit comprised of Ingeborg Fredriksen, A. Stifjell, Morten A. Olsen and Lars Myrvoll. Guitars, percussion, trumpet and other sweet sounds of life makes this a really beautiful record with a sinister touch. Song-based with structures, but also very free. Atmospheric lightings we recommend.

Hi-Fi Allergi - A compilation of Norwegian Noise CD-R (Gold Soundz 2003) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'76 mins of Norwegian noise. Incl. Vehiculos de ocasion, Origami Epeleptika, DJ Bra Nesegir, Anders Gjerde, Qrt, Waffelpung, Pål Asle Pettersen, Fredrik N Sevendal, Taming Power + many others.'

Hiorthøy, Kim - This Record Can Not Set Me On Fire 12" (Smalltown Supersound 2005) 85 NOK / 12.5 US $
Two 11-minute long tracks from the upcoming album due early 2006. Tasty!

Hiorthøy, Kim - Hei Remix 12 " (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 85 NOK / 12.5 US $
Remixes by Alog and Mainpal Inv from the Hei album.

Hiorthøy, Kim - For The Ladies CD (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
32 minutes of field-recordings.

Hiorthøy, Kim - Live Shet CD (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Tracks performed at venues in Barcelona, Bergen, Berlin, Brussels, Chicago, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, London, New York, Normandy, Oslo, Rome, San Francisco, Skotbu and Stockholm during 2002 and 2003.

Hiorthøy, Kim - Katalog CATALOG (Smalltown Superbooks 2003) 160 NOK / 23.5 US $
Catalog made for Kim's exhibition "Jeg er nesten alltid redd", held at Fotogalleriet in Oslo 2003.

Hiorthøy, Kim - Hopeness CDEP (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'Hopeness EP marks the return of Kim Hiorthøy after two years of touring (documented on the upcoming live album Live Shet), having made 3 books, several videos, worked with his graphic design, held a few exhibitions, and shot 2 films. Hopeness EP contains 5 brand new Kim Hiorthøy tracks, and is meant to build a bridge between his seminal and critically acclaimed debut album 'Hei' and his second "proper" album.

Hiorthøy, Kim - Hei CD (Smalltown Supersound 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Kim Hiorthøy's debut album is an impressing and playful mixture of leftfield-elektronica, beats, field recordings, cut-up attitude and a lot more. Combines acoustic and electronic sounds and completes the organic universe with minimalistic melodies. Not far from Warp-stuff like Boards Of Canada and Autechre, but also similarities to bands like Oval and Mouse On Mars. John Peel is a huge fan. You could be too. Great stuff.

Hiorthøy, Kim – Tree Weekend BOOK (Die Gestalten Verlag 2000) 350 NOK / 50 US $ US $
For music-heads Kim Hiorthøy is probably best known for the cover design for the Rune Grammofon label and videos and covers for the Motorpsycho band. "Tree Weekend" is a beautiful full-colour book with photos, sketches, other graphics and so on by this artist or designer or whatever. Playful and highly personal indeed. "An amusingly-calculated and interdisciplinary flood of fragile moments and images somewhere between modern HipHop graphics, sketch book entries, photo files, kindergarten games and the preparation of a potato soup." 160 pages.

HOH - Bestemor CD (Zang 2007) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
"HOH's third album, ?Bestemor? offers a selection of tightly edited and dynamic songs, ranging from the crystal clear opener ?To the Lighthouse? to the dizzying beat of ?What Up??, not to mention a rather surprising cover of The Doors? classic ?Love Street?."

HOH - 00/99 CD-R (Zang 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Songs with cracks, sines, bleeps and other electronics, guitars, rhythms, noise. Nice.

HOH - Water / Teeth MCD (Zang 2005) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'HOH (Helge Olav Øksendal) has released a couple of works on labels as Edgecity Records, Fuck Subtle Records and Humbug. The five tracks on this lengthy mini CD (or perhaps a rather short full length - twenty-five minutes) all dwell heavily on the use of the sampler. Slicing up vocals, guitars, rhythms, the end result is quite forceful electronic music, much alike EBM, but with a nicer twist, such as the lounge like 'Water' or the glitchy 'Teeth'. Quite an enjoyable release, but maybe a bit too short to form a real opinion on what this HOH can do. These first five however a fine introduction. - Vital Weekly

HOH - I Wanna Be A Rhythm CD (Fuck Subtle 2002) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
The best we've heard from Helge Olav Øksendal aka HOH. The song-structures are almost gone, only the sound left.

HOH - If This Song Makes You Happy I Made It For You CD-R (no label 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
More song-oriented than the 00/99 album. Guess this was recorded prior to the 00/99 CD. Acoustic guitar and vocals too!

Holm, Øyvind - The Vanishing Act CD (Cutwater 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
'The somewhat ironically titled "The Vanishing Act" finds the leader of Norwegian psychedelic pop band Dipsomaniacs stepping out from underneath the band's symbiotic umbrella. It's an act Øyvind Holm has nearly performed before (only not as visibly), having masterminded and executed the debut Dipsomaniacs release "Bumble-Bee Eyes" solo in 1997. Whether with his band or as a solo artist, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Holm makes no effort to hide his passion for the clever lyric, melodic beauty and sonic innovation that characterized the music of the mid to late '60s, as well the artists since who have followed in those hazy, flowery paths. With "The Vanishing Act", Holm layers his Lennonesque vocals over sweet melodies that often conceal a bitterness buried within the poetic lyrics.'

Horntveth, Lars - Pooka CD (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
'Horntveth is the songwriter and musical leader of Norwegian 10 piece Jaga Jazzist. Pooka is an instrumental pop album, and although it might have things in common with the electronica genre, all the music was recorded live in the studio. With Pooka Horntveth has created his own unique sound universe, and the Pooka universe doesn`t sound like anything else, although one might trace Horntveth`s fascination for the soundworld of artists such as Charles Mingus, Robert Wyatt, Radiohead, Gil Evans, Bjørk, Cornelius, Kronos Quartet and early Tom Waits.'

Horntveth, Lars - The Joker CDS (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 65 NOK / 9 US $
A single with four remixes by Four Tet. "An electro-acoustic wonder" - The Independent.

Horntveth, Martin - Skull EP CDEP(Smalltown Supersound 2003) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Second solo-release from Mr. Horntveth (Jaga Jazzist), who, as on Fast Motion, explores the lanes of abstract and melodic electronica, free-jazz and cut-up. 'One hundred miles-pr-hour Herbert for real future jazz heads' (Dom Servini, Straigth No Chaser).

Horntveth, Martin - Fast Motion / Skull LP 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Compiles the two CDEPs on one LP. Limited edition of 500 copies only. No repress.

Huntsville - For The Middle Class CD (Rune Grammofon 2006) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Huntsville is the trio of Ivar Grydeland, Tonny Kluften and Ingar Zach. Grydeland and Zach founded the Sofa label for impovised music in 2000 and appear together and in various projects on several of the label´s releases. They have worked with Kluften since 1998, as the core of improvising ensemble No Spaghetti Edition. Huntsville contrasts sharply with their earlier work, and on the evidence of ?For The Middle Class?, reveals a quite different, more groove-based approach with strong elements of composition. Musically there are traces from folk, country, Indian ragas contemporary music and more, resulting in an original and highly intriguing blend of instrumental approaches. "

If We Make It Through Christmas CDEP (Perfect Pop / TPWB / Two Zero 2001) 75 NOK / 11 US $
Christmas in the name of Pop! Or opposite. Great compilation EP with exclusive tracks from Dipsomaniacs ('When you wish upon a star'), American Suitcase (Merle Haggards 'If we make it through December'), Cinnamoon (John Prines 'Christmas in prison'), Peru You, Loch Ness Mouse and LoveOctopus.

Illumination – She Got Soul 10" (BMG 2000) 70 NOK / 8.75 US $
Soul-house from Nick Sililitoe and Per Martinsen. The track "She Got Soul" is heavy house while the B-side (Black Sun) is a short and rather laidback track.

Information – Fish And Concrete 7" (Beatservice 1999) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
"The title-track is a pulsating strange electronica track in the familiar Information soundscapes. On the b-side, Sternklang takes "I.F.F." into a pounding percussive rhythm monster." Release # 2 in Beatservice Arctic Circles 2 seven-inch series.

Information – Successor CD (Beatservice 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Ambience towards electronics towards experimental minimalism towards 99 tracks towards random. Neat!

Initz – s/t LP (Safe As Milk Vinyl 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Another experimental trio from the Safe As Milk label. Spontaneus composition-gangsters Arvid Gangsø (violin), Tom Roger Aadland (guitar) and Thorolf Thuestad (synthesizers and live-electronics) blow the fuse.

Intellecto – What / Hello 12" (Mush Mush 1999) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Four dark, experimental spacelectronic tracks from a guy in Bergen.

I Smell An Ambush – A Tribute To Astroburger 10" (g24 Records 2000) 70 NOK / 9.5 US $
Homage to this fine legendary pop-group. With Slowburn, Loch Ness Mouse, Ring, Hobbits plus a dozen of bands from Europe to Japan.

International League of Telepathic Explorers, The - V/A (Free City 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Compilation featuring mostly exclusive tracks from Norwegian acts as Dipsomaniacs (new great tune!), Motorpsycho and Aquarium Poppers, as well as international feats from Bevis Frond, The Minders, Photon Band, Adrian Shaw etc. "...One of the best compilations I've heard all year. If you share the slightest of our interest in psychedelic rock and pop I can't imagine how you possibly could be disappointed with this one. Recommended." - The Broken Face

Jaga Jazzist - Magazine CD (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'“Magazine” came out as a mini-album in Norway in 1998 and has never been made available outside the Norwegian marked. The album contained their live favourite “Plym”, “Jaga is Zu Hause”, “Swedish Take away” and the Martin Horntveth`s mellow and beautiful guitar track “Seems To Me” (the first Jaga track you`ve ever heard with vocals!). It also contained drum & bass remix of the track "Serafin". As a bonus-track on this 2004 version of “Magazine” is Jørgen Munkeby`s track “Magazine” played by his quartet, Shining. In many ways was “Magazine” Jaga`s first “proper” release before the two critically acclaimed albums “A Livingroom Hush” and “The Stix” (both albums released on Ninja Tune/Smalltown Supersound). “Magazine” not only showed were this great band was heading, but it also contained some of their finest moments. “Magazine” is an important document in an important band`s career.'

Jaga Jazzist - Day CDS (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 70 NOK / 8.75 US $
'Contains the "Day" track, one new track and remixes from Herbert and DAT Politics, CD version also includes the "Day" video. Artwork by Kim Hiorthøy.'

Jaga Jazzist – A livingroom Hush CD (Warner 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Highly recommended hybrid of jazz, electronica and classic pop.

James Band – And LP (no label 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Retro-prog-sounding band from Kristiansand. For folks with no turntable: The band has been kind enough to enclose a cd-r with the same tracks as on the LP.

Jazkamer - Eat Shit CD (Asspiss Records 2007) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Eat shit indeed! Pegs from the plenty.

Jazkamer - Metal Music Machine LP 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
"Metal Music Machine" was recorded with members from Enslaved and Manngard, and is something of a Jazkamer-goes-metal item; with extreme doom, grindcore glissando, 80ies thrash and Glenn Branca-like black metal soundscapes. Complete with artwork by non-other than Savage Pencil." Metal up your jazz!

Jazkamer - Metal Music Machine T-SHIRT 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Sweet sweet t-shirt designed by Savage Pencil. 100 % mean art in cotton.

Jazzkammer - Mort Aux Vaches CD (Staalplaat 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
In Den Bosch to play the Earational Festival on March 27 of 2004, John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug stopped in to the VPRO radio station studio and recorded this single track of scraping static, feedback and still more feedback. Although that may sound noisy – and simplistically so – the track is rather subdued and multisubjectival as it unspools across the sundeck. It has progression, it has evolution, it has an actual build – like prayers offered to Heaven by an increasing throng of the faithful who are confused but still pious. In fact, it’s very close to the climactic sequence in Tobe Hooper’s “Lifeforce”, in which the space vampires from Halley’s Comet are infecting Londoners from their cathedral lair, bolts of lightning striking the hapless and the hot femme space bloodsucker taking her human male concubine to the spacecraft stuck in the head of the comet. That said, there is probably a point at which even Jazzkammer sees a natural end to their live and recorded actions, and so unplug and bow in gratitude to the still-present fuzz-addled masses.' -David Cotner

Jazzkammer - Pulse CD (Bottrop Boy 2003) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Brand new studio album on german label Bottrop-Boy. Recorded in Singapore during the SARS-crisis earlier this year. One long 33 minute track that slowly drifts and revolves around its axis. A departure from our usually restless selves, but still has the Jazzkammer edge (we belive). Nice 12 page color booklet with photographs by Yuen Chee Wai, an acclaimed Singaporian designer and photographer.'

Jazzkammer - Rolex CD (Smalltown Supersound 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Most remix-albums add little or less to the original work. Exceptions exist, and this release is one of them. As the original sounds of Jazzkammer are craftful and very present, it should be a not to easy job making these tracks more valuable than its origin. Hats off for: Zbigniew Karkowski, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Merzbow, Jazzkammer, Reynols, Thurston Moore, Pita, Alexander Rishaug, R. Sundin, Tore Honoré Böe, TV Pow, Jørgen Træen and Francisco López.

Jazzkammer - Sound Of Music 3" CDS (ohm Records 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Jazzkammer at their most powerful! Fantastic total blam damn good-sounding power-noise.This melodic monster was recorded live at the Milk club in Tokyo last year.

Jazzkammer - New Water 3" CDS (ohm Records 2003) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Ah, it's sweet...

Jazzland Remixed 2LP (Jazzland 2000) 155 NOK / 22.75 US $$
Seven remixes from Illumination aka Chilliminati (Nick Sillitoe og Per Martinsen, Les Gammas, Andreas Dorau, Sternklang, Bugge Wesseltoft, Jan Bang and a few more. Very limited edition.

Jessica Fletchers, The – (Come on) It's only nine CDEP (Perfect Pop 2002) 55 NOK / 7 US $
Jessica Fletchers' combination of classic 60's pop and the original beat-rock'n roll is greeted here, and should be greeted elsewhere too. Four tracks.

Jessica Fletchers, The – Sorry About The Noise MCD (Perfect Pop Records 2000) 80 NOK / 9 US $
There’s a good thing going on in Drammen folks! The Jessica Fletchers take us for ride back to 60s bands like Kinks, The Byrds, Zombies, Beatles to the 70-80-90s and Television Personalities and The Tables. Not very unlike the latter. Beautiful drawn cover too!

Jessica Fletchers, The - What Happended To... LP (Perfect Pop 2003) 135 NOK / 19.75 US $$
Jessica Fletchers, The - What Happended To... CD (Perfect Pop 2003) 150 NOK / 22 US $$$

After two EPs and a lot of gigs in Scandinavia and Great Britain, the Fletchers are here with their debut album. They got a new keyboardist in Ivar Chr. Johansen, but that's the only news. Beside it's choice!

Jim Protector - Half Finished / Half Begun 7" (Switch Off 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Four songs. Lo-fidelity drum machines, fuzz and pump-organs. Some vocals here too.

JR Ewing - Laughing With Daggers CDS (Primitive Records 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
It's been said about these hard-rockin' fellows that they play music 'tighter than a virgin's pussy!'. That's an incredible infantile statement, but these guys are tight. And they pour out their flaming hard-core music on the top of the Limp's head.Kicks butt indeed.

KA – 00 7"(M/O/L/D 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Recorded in St. John's Church, Gdansk, Poland and at Snippen, Svelvik, Norway.

KA - Water Mertz CD-R (Cipher Productions 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Subdued work of field recordings and subtle undercurrents from the H20 mail art exhibition in Oslo 1999. Released on Australian Cipher Prod with nice jewel-case cover.

KA - Monsterpanic CD-R (TIB Prod 2005) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Recordings from 1997.

KA – 98-97 7" + 10" + 12" -set (OHM 2000) 200 NOK / 29 US $
People from Sketch, Medit and Origami Arktika doing electro-acoustic ambient music. Live-recordings from a show in Oslo, where the members dissected a TV, and also various location recordings. Delicious cover-artwork by Guttorm Nordø. Limited to 237 copies.

Kalle, Magnus & Daniel - Kryss Mitt Hjerte / Jazz Mann, Jazz 12" (Tamburin 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Disco-house in the name of all the flashing floors in-doors on the a-side. The b-side is slightly more jazzy-soul. Released on Tamburin, a sub-label of dbut.

Kenneth, Kim, Fredrik & Elisabeth - Second Hand Love EP 7" (Switch Off 2001) 55 NOK / 6.5 US $
A young team of poppers, doing music in the vein of, uuuhhmm, Belle & Sebastian. Pop light.

Kilronan, Morgan – Travelling Through Hell With Love MCD (Krank 1998) 65 NOK /7.25 US $
"Guitar-based lo-fi-folk-pop from melancholiac Morgan Mikkelsen."

Kings Of Convenience - Toxic Girl 7" (Source 2001) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Originally released (and long gone?) on Èllet in 1999. B-side: Once Around The Block written by Damon Gough..

Kings Of Convenience – Quiet Is The New Loud LP (Source 2001) 170 NOK / 25 US $$

Kings Of Convenience – Winning A Battle, Loosing A War 7” (Source 2001) 45 NOK / 5 US $
Title-track from their full-length LP plus a remix of the same song done by Andy Votel.

Kjertl Del Brondo Group – 7" 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Twelve new songs recorded in a studio(!) among them an Iron Maiden cover. Full-colour cover too!!

Kleive, Audun – Never Thought I Would / Generator X (Jazzland 2000) 70 NOK / 8.75 US $
Groovy rhythms done good deeds. Lovely b-side.

KNULTseries, The - V/A TAPE (Koksidose 2002) 40 NOK / 8 US $
'Cassettte compilation with Post Scriptvm, SIEMERS, Lasse Marhaug, Duo Kanel, Rn`N, Tôle-ache, Celetial Plenitude, Andreas Meland, Sindre Bjerga / Anders Gjerde and Marakel. Nice handmade cover and limited to 50 copies.'

Knudsen, Jørgen - Wealth CD (Quasipop 2006) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
´First solo album from Jørgen Knudsen who was a founding member of Information. Generally speaking, ?Wealth? has no typical style or even its own specific sound, this recocd reflects the Jørgen's interests in developing music in many different directions at the same time. Follows its name, ?Wealth? is a surrealistic blend of natural sounds and field-recordings, acoustic instruments, exotic voices, delicate melodies in ?Thai pop? style, different found sounds and noises.´

Kobi - Dronesyndrome CD (Silber Records 2005) 125 NOK / 18.25 US $
Beautiful and very strong album by Kai Mikalsen with friends. Collaborators on this release: Petter Pogo (SS Bondevik, Jokke etc), Michael Francis Duch, Per Gisle Galåen (aka Crazy River), Fredrik Ness Sevendal (Slowburn, Lucia etc), Tore Bøe, Kjell Olav Jørgensen, Bjarne Larsen and John Birger Wormdahl (of Salvatore).

Kobi - Kobi-land DVD-R (Synesthetic 2006) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Visuals and sound by Kai Mikalsen.

Kobi - Projecto CD (Silber Records 2002) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Kobi is Kai Mikalsen's (of Sketch and Origami Arktika among others) concept of inviting friends and musicians to play along with his sounds. Based on the ideas that collaborative music is equal to more than the individual musicians and the fact that the western music scale is based on twelve notes is absurd. Features Petter Pogo (SS Bondevik, Jokke & Valentinerne), Bjarne Larsen (Salvatore, Origami Arktika), Fredrik Ness Sevendal (Slowburn, Marmont), Per Gisle Galåen (Slowburn, DEL, Ranheim), Clop Neplat, Lars Bergh, John Hegre (Jazzkammer, Kaptein Kaliber), Alexander Rishaug (ARM), Tore H. Bøe (Origami Arktika, Origami Replika) and Lasse Marhaug (Jazzkammer, DEL). Large atmospheric sound-scapes. Great stuff.

Kokekomp I - V/A CD (Kokeko 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'Kokeko is an association organising concerts in Paris. The concerts take place principally at Les Voûtes, in the heart of an isolated garden under the Tolbiac bridge (Paris 13ème), and sometimes in others places in Paris as studio, library, or in St-Denis (University). On the occasion of its 1st anniversary, the release of "kokekomp I", lets us gathering the bands and musicians programmed since its creation. Exclusive tracks from Phroq, O-Pi-O, Aya Collette, Goth-Trad, S.S.S. (Sensors_Sonics_Sights), Kouhei Matsunaga, Jean-François Pauvros, Amephone (non-exclusive track), Eric Cordier+Tetuzi Akiyama, Aki Onda, Makoto Kawabata and Crazy River (Per Gisle Galåen).'

Krisp - Farlig Fiffus 12" (Footnotes 2002) 90 NOK / 13.25 US $$
Footnotes is Bjørn Torske's label which he runs with Mr. Tellé. Krisp is Bjørn Torske too!

Kulta Beats - Civilize The Brutes CD (Cutwater Records 2004) 130 NOK / 20 US $
'According to themselves, The Kulta Beats is a mixture of energetic garage rock, psycheldelia hovering on a cloud of, melancholy pop and groovy rock 'n roll, all with a certain je nais ce quoi. Inspiration is gathered from superior modern litterature, low down pop culture, and some rock, mainly 60s garage and 80s indie. Mix Syd Barrett's whimsicality with the raw energy of such acts as The Sonics and Creation, and you'll get the picture.' Very fine debut, which we highly recommend.

Lack Of Zodiac - Tele 7" (Norway Rat 2002) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
'Harsh and screamy redneck hardcore from the farmlands of ø stfold, Norway. This trio take punk, tractors, pigs, Black Flag, jazz, dirt and gay porn to a romantic level!'

Lamented Souls - Essence of Wounds 7" (Duplicate 2003) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
'Debut 7" from this doom rock cult. Feat. Simen Hestnæs (Dimmu Borgir)'.

Larmoyant – Push Here For Tiger LP (Smalltown Supersound 1999) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Jarle Nordvik and Andreas Brandal commits guitar-duels which sometime can remind of Derek Bailey.

Lastsmith, The - Yardstuck CD-R (Jawohl 2005) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Thomas Svaland is also in Epikurs Euforie, and this is as far we know his debut on his own. Not to be compared to Ep Eu, and this is not actually rock, but more and quiet and weird in a Residents-way. Nice stuff.

Launderettes, The - Take Me To The Race 10" (Big Dipper 2003) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Four gals and a greek doing 1960-inspired garage-rock with fuzz, farfisa and frenzy!

Le Jazz Non – A Compilation of Norwegian Noise CD (Smalltown Supersound 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
The "reply" to Corpus Hermeticum’s Le Jazz Non of NZ free-noise. Compiled with much concern and with liner-notes by Bruce Russell (of Hermes) this is a great document of what’s on in Norwegian experimental and free music. With Lasse Marhaug, Supersilent, Larmoyant, DEL, Der Brief, Elektro Nova / Electro Nova, Jazzkammer, KD Brandsdal, Arm, Fibo-Trespo, Continental Fruit and Two Shot Sons. Highly recommended!

Leaves - Songs / Winter EP 7" (Between Clouds 2004) 40 NOK / 6.5 US $
Guitar-driven 'indie-pop', British kind of, with hints to My Bloody Valentine. Pretty nice.

Liferain – Words From An Empty Letterbox LP (Cobweb 1998) 80 NOK/ 11.75 US $
Liferain – Words From An Empty Letterbox CD (Cobweb 1998) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Everything from power-rock to slower emotional stuff from these four/five/six guys. Melancholic rock with tiny elements of noise, r’n’r and metal. CD-R and 220 g vinyl.

Liquid Monkey - Hold The Onions - But Lots Of Sauce 10" (no label 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Yngve Sortland (Waffelpung) and Tom Daniel Reiersen (Merry November) makes rocket-lounge soundscapes with song-structures. More songs than non-songs, and pretty well-done too. Goodie-

Live At The St.Croix –Various Artists LP (Dead Cool 1997) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Garage-punk-rock compilation with Vikings, Basement Brats and Retards among others.

Looking Down EP – V/A 7" (35 g 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Exclusive tracks from Groan Alone and Ring, both Norwegian fellows, and a trans-atlantic work-out between Karl Morten Dahl and Tony Paglia, named The Orchid Pool. Swede Peter Scion is here as well. Tasty folk-psychedelia-country-pop from'em all! The Orchid Pool is especially quite a surprising new-comer. Hope to hear more from that camp.

Looop Sessions: 19 May 2006 CD-R (Droning On 2007) 85 NOK / 12.5 US $
Improvisations by Petter Flaten Eilertsen, Per Gisle Galåen, Kai Mikalsen and Martin Powell. Recorded May 2006. Sweeet stuff.

Looop Sessions: 24 May 2004 CD-R (TIB 2006) 85 NOK / 12.5 US
Live-improvisations by Carlos Giffoni, John BIrger Wormdahl, Anders Gjerde, Sten Ove Toft, Kai Mikalsen and Per Gisle Galåen.

Love Comes Shining Over The Mountains CD (Rune Grammofon 1999) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
78 minutes of the contemporary electronics from both various Norwegian artists and composers. Exclusive tracks/version from Marhaug/Rishaug, Deathprod/Biosphere, Arne Nordheim, Phonophani and Supersilent to name a few.

LoveOctopus - Flavoured Air CD (TPWB 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
Duo from Hovseter - with a little help from Don Dons from WE and Gluecifer's Danny Young. But this is pop! Psychedelic braids of great soundwriting. Mononster says: "Homegrown Norwegian rock'n'roll. 'Leaders of the Mansions' harkens back to 60's British psychedelia with an absolute perfect vocal throughout. 'Warden' features reat vocal guitar interplay, and a killer melodic contradiction in the chorus. LoveOctopus are on to something pretty great here. " Another retro-classic?

Ludwig - The House Of Nowhere / Norway 7" (Krank 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
'Very intense and real. A typical dirty Krank release. Very good songwriting also.' /o:p>

Lyd fra et veikryss - V/A CD-R (Jawohl 2005) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Compilation with music out of Drammen, though there are a few exeptions. Lots of nice stuff here, highlights are Lucia, Continental Fruit / Havhest and Thorra & Erling. Good stuff from Magnus Moriarty, Starbug, Mindy Misty, The Lastsmith, Genuine Fakes, Agora Minora, George Goerg and Dsoe.

(Lyd)2 - Elefanta Poteket Bukentaur 7" (Norway Rat 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
"Cadillac-pink vinyl with 16 minutes of oesten ghetto jazzdrones, organic drum'n bass, white afro soundscapes, funeral noise, kraut..." Young Fredrikstad-pals doing rock in the "post"-area. Splendid a-side.

Machines, The - s/t CD-R (Gold Soundz 2003) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
The Machines is Øyvind Torvund (from Stavnger, now living in Oslo). He's previously remixed Kaada and plays in No Spaghetti Edition and Frode Gjerstad's Circulasion Totale. This self-titled cd-r is a recording of his sound-installation at Tou Brewey in Stavnger 2001. Recommended.

Mapping The Underground Vol. 1 7" (Beverly Brothers Recording Company 2001) 35 NOK / 4 US $
Eight 2 minutes tracks from eight bands. Ring, mode: 01, Watersnake, Punishment Park, the Retardos, Douglas, No Rest and Freak Oi! Accident.

Marakel - s/t TAPE (Koksidose 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
One-man-band Marakel is hailing from the Haugesund area, and this tape is a 're-release of the sold-out debut tape. Rickety 4-track looped guitar collages. 11 tracks.'

Marakel - Nü TAPE (Koksidose 2003) 40 NOK / 6 US $
'Nü is a hail to Anders Mehlum. All tracks, instruments played, composed and recorded 2000-2002 by marakel.'

Marhaug, Lasse - Tapes 1990-1999 4CD (Pica Disk 2007) 200 NOK / 29 US $
Collecting selected tracks from Lasse´s tape-releases in the 90´s, this is some kind of document. 47 pieces of slashing sounds; scummy, sweet and mind-expanding. Here´s both solo-works and collaborations with Bad Kharma, Grunt and Macronymphia. Five hours! Comes in a custom-made box with liner-notes by Tore H. Bøe and Tommy Carlsson. A necessity.

Marhaug, Lasse / Per Gisle Galåen - In-Store CD-R (Humbug 2004) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
'This fine recording from 1999 was thought to be lost but eventually surfaced at Marhaug's after a heavy vacuum cleaning session. It was subsequently revised & re-named (in tribute, somehow, to Thurston Moore & Nels Cline's record of the same name) & promptly mailed to Humbug for a CD-R issue. Great! It's a ramshackle stumbling-down-a-very-long-flight-of-stairs kind of guitar improv duet from these DEL members, so of course it gets a little bit cranky and swinging. You know? Don't worry though, just allow this to buzz on the stereo at a moderate volume and it does its trick very nicely and you can smile for a while and see your troubles fading into nothing....Artwork features a found costume party photo from 1964. Edition of 80 copies.'

Marhaug, Lasse - One Eye And Watching 7" (Safe As Milk 2001) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
From rumbling ambience to laptorpedo'ed glitch. Volume 2 in SAM's Melelektronikk-series, their series for electronic and experimental music.

Marhaug, Lasse and Kevin Drumm - Frozen By Blizzard Winds CD (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Recorded live to disc at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Bærum. American Kevin Drumm on guitar and electronics and Lasse on personal computer. Growing in colour, changing in mood and dynamics, the record is a great and total listen. Very evil black metal cover too. Burzbow!

Hiorthøy, Kim – Melke CD (2002) 145 NOK / 19.75 $
Second album from Mr. Hiorthøy who this time offer a fine and tasty soup of out-takes, compilation-tracks, remixes, b-sides and rejected tracks.

Marhaug, Lasse - Bella Tenebrosa TAPE (Gold Soundz 2004) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
'An all new 90 minute recording released on the superior noise format. Mr. Noise himself needs no introduction, but on this recording you'll find him in a mellower ambient / concrete sounds mood. He has released dozens of albums, EPs and virtually every known format on more labels than I care to mention. No Lasse collection is complete without this (duh... obviously..)!'

Marhaug / Courtis - North And South Neutrino CD (Antifrost 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Lasse Marhaug teams up with Anla Courtis, the guitarist and main composer of the Argentinian group Reynols. Over the last five years they have been working on this piece, which is about forty-five minutes in duration. Things evolve very high and very low pitches of sound, but they are divided. Over the course of the pieces things move from the higher end of the sound spectrum to the lower end of the spectrum in a very gentle way. These two composers take their time to let things take their own way and make a sort of natural evolvement of the piece. It moves in a rather majestical way. Maybe soundwise not the most innovative piece but certainly in it's kind a very strong piece. Good sturdy experimental music, just the way it should be. - Vital Weekly. Source material recorded in Steigen, Norway and Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1998 to 2003.

Marhaug, Lasse / Frode Jerstad - Red Edge CD (Sunship / Gameboy / etc 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
'A unique collaboration between two legends of Norway‘s underground music scene. Free-jazz saxophonist Gjerstad has, over the past 40 years, played with the likes of Evan Parker, Peter Br¿tzmann, William Parker, John Stevens, Paul Rutherford and Sabeer Mateen. Noise artist Lasse Marhaug is a member of Jazzkammer, DEL and Origami Replika; and has collaborated with the likes of Merzbow, Aube, Kevin Drumm and Cock E.S.P. "Red Edge" is a highly accomplished blend of electronic-noise and free-improv, showcasing some of the best work from both musicians.' Co-released with Sunship, Breathmint, Carbon, Gameboy, and Little Mafia.

Marhaug, Lasse / Brutum Fulmen – Tender Wreckage LP (Gameboy 2001) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
"Remixes of each others' works as well as new material. Some parts are very cut & paste, but in general it's quite ambient with a great variety of sound sources. Profeesional covers and really high quality audio."

Maskinanlegg - Ringsaker Rocks CD-R (Humbug 2004) 60 NOK / 7.5. US $
'A concept album of the most questionable kind. It's all about one Bjørn Hatterud shaking his proverbial fist at his home place, Ringsaker. So he calls it his "heimstadsplate". Well, I must admit I do not always understand Bjørn. What I do know is that this album brings out all his best and worst in an ambivalent clash of heartfelt proportions. Witness the bad puns (you will not get them), the sweat, the confusion. The rhythm-box assault and tasteless audial-collage. The righteous flux of quaint and useless noises. Yes, this is a noise album, but the style is loose and cool - ranging from the "cover" version of "All tomorrow's Parties" to the epic throb and screech of the title track "Ringsaker Rocks"!! Comes in a colourful, painted cardboard packaging. Edition of 80 copies.'

Meland, Andreas / Lasse Marhaug - Brakhage CD (Melektronikk 2005) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
Recorded live in Oslo in October 2003 during a concert and screening of some of Stan Brakhage's silent-movies. 'Film is obviously visual and, from an aesthetic standpoint, I see no need for a film to be accompanied by sound any more than I would expect a painting to be. At first I did make sound films, but I felt sound limited seeing so I gave it up. (....) My films were complex enough and difficult enough to see without any distraction of the ear thinking. But if I felt a film needed sound, I always included it. I believe now that you can only go so far with music, and then film is not music. (...) Since film clearly isn't music, I am now trying to find out what it is that film can do that's purely film. I really wish to open myself to that difference. I want to make films, that are not even corollaries of music, that wouldn't even make you think of music.' - Stan Brakhage

Meland, Andreas - Deaf Leoppard 3" CDS (Enlightenment 2005) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $ $
'Andreas Meland has been active in the Norwegian experimental music scene through a number of years with numerous memorable concerts in Norway and abroad, and a string of limited edition releases. In addition to this he is a hyperactive concert- and festival-organizer and also runs his own label Melektronikk. His music has been applauded for it's generous complexity and tasteful mix of warm, layered acoustic drones and electronics. Andreas is also a member of the trio düplo and the duos Sort Mel and Bokfink (with Dag-Are Haugan of Alog fame). He has also collaborated with Lasse Marhaug, Alexander Rishaug, Fe-mail, Low Frequency in Stereo and many more. This 3" disc features four tracks of sparkling sweet Meland music and a remix by Phonophani. Enjoy!'

Meland, Andreas - Lenestol / Nålepute 7" lathe-cut (Humbug 2004) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'This guy is one third of the experimental trio Duplo (see Vital Weekly 314), but nowadays also quite active in solo works (besides running the Safe As Milk Records and Melektronikk labels and the Safe As Milk Festival in Norway). On this very limited 7" (lathe cut) he offers two tracks. 'Lenestol' starts out like radio drone but as the piece evolves things are put in decay in the various filters inside the laptop. 'Nelapute' on the other side starts out likewise noisy, but gradually fades over in a more continous rhythm with noisy elements brought back in and out of the mix. Short, sweet and noisy pieces from the world of powerbooks. Get them while they still last. - Vital Weekly

Melt – Introducing The Rootsless Youth… CD (Phony Musak) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
The producer Bjørn Fløystad’s playground is a infectious pop-album in the spirit of Beck and Ween. Inspired by the attitudes of Nick Drake, Gene Clark and Syd Barrett, and with help from people from Velvet Belly and Claudia Scott Band.

Mental Overdrive - Ad Absurdum 2LP (Virgin 1999) 200 NOK / 29 US $
From Tromsø, via London and Belgium to Oslo, Per Martinsen has been recording music under different monikers. It seems he feels comfortable with his Mental Overdrive. Ad Absurdum is his latest album of disco-beats.

Micromars – Metro CD (SHADO 2001) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
14 tracks and over 50 minutes long, Micromars’ new album follows the track where the debut swinged its way. Ultra-nice digipak and including 3 remix-tracks by Her Space Holiday, Valvola and Safariari makes this a very good one.

Micromars – Our Modulation 7" (Motorway 1998) 30 NOK / 3.5 US $
Another one-man band; Christer Jensen’s Micromars hints to bands like Stereolab and Flowchart. "Micromars wield the familiar sixties-styled futurist pop elements we know and love -- warbling analog synthesizers, lighter-than-air vocals and percolating, samba-drone rhythms -- with skill and aplomb."

Meta Forever - Astroid Antics CD-R (Metronomicon Audio 2006) 85 NOK / 12.5 US
Meta forever is the latest branch on the evergroving Metronomicon Audio tree. After they have traveled around the globe and the galaxy since 1903, the scientists Andi Grace a Dieu and William B. Skyborne presents their pseudoscientific audiolog; Astroid Antics. The ten audiotracks spans from gaelic banjo-riffing via epic gringopostrock to dark oriental gabber with a touch of up-to-no-good hiphop. With frantic vocals, soaring violins, roaming echo and insisting drums this space congress could be the start of a very, very interesting journey.

Mind Over Midi – Soundscape 7" (Kippers 1996) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Mind over MIDI aka Helge Tømmervåg does minimalistic techno ranging from warm, analogue soundscapes and icy ambience to minimalistic grooves.

Mind Over Midi – Reworks Of Bugge W.feat. Sissel Endresen & Lorenzo 7"(Beatservice 2000) 60 NOK/6.5 US $
As entitled this one contains a remix of Bugge w/ Sissel and a remix of a song by the Lorenzo. A special treat from Helge Tømmervåg!

Minor Majority - Walking Home From Nicole's CD (Big Dipper 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Mino Majority is a quite new Oslo-duo in which Pål Angelskår (Reverend Lovejoy) and producer Andreas Berczelly plays with their friends. Their friends on this album are Karen Jo Fields, Jon Arild Stieng (Rumboid, Kettle), Kathrine Skaug, Jakob Krogvold (Rumboid, Thulsa Doom) and Håkon Repstad. Quite quiet, no riot, pure pop. The foundation is acoustic guitar, but unlike arrangements make the record a varied step in the pop-scape.

MoHa! - Norwegianism LP (Rune Grammofon 2007) 160 NOK / 23.5 US
´Out of Norway's super-fertile impro scene, MoHa! are boldly leading the way with a sound that encompasses the best of rock, free jazz and electronic music. Despite the enormity and broad spectrum of sounds that constitute their unique style, it is the work of just two talented young men, Anders Hana (24) on guitar, obsolete electronics and a pallete of effects pedals, and Morten J. Olsen (25) on drums, triggering a multitude of noises from each skin and cymbal using custom built software. Having played together in various projects for close to 10 years, they have developed a high level of control and understanding in their musical communication. They compliment and confront each other, with sharp and mechanical movements on one hand, free flowing and loose gestures on the other. It´s a real scorcher; short, intense, to the point and brimming with head explosions, youthful energy and urgency.´ Limited vinyl edition in 500 copies.

MoHa! - Raus Aus Stavanger CD (Rune Grammofon 2006) 150 NOK / 22 US $
Young and infamous duo consisting of guitarist Anders Hana (Ultralyd and Noxagt) and drummer Morten A. Olsen (Ultralyd etc). Recorded live in the studio with no overdubs, these boys know how to do the best out of what they do. And that is a high-octane rock-out with electronics, guitars and percussion. Essential stuff.

Mono Blue - s/t 10" (Safe As Milk Vinyl 2000) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Allegedly a young fellow from Haugesund who last year recorded a handful of songs, which now are available for other people than the man himself. Sorrowful, yet very cool, pop-music, which might bring Todd Rundgrens pop repertoire to mind. Sophisticated beauty on 33 1/3 rpm.

Monolight – Free Music CD (Rune Grammofon 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
Rune Kristoffersen's solo-outfit under the moniker Monolight is an electronic excursion in the land of minimalistic ambience. Released on Rune's own label, Rune Grammofon. Mr. Kristoffersen may be known for some of you as one half of the 80's duo, 'Fra Lippo Lippi'.

Monopot – Taran EP CDEP (Smalltown Supersound 2001) 100 NOK / 12.5 US $
3 new + 1 remix for followers of slow and careful music. R.I.P.

Monopot - Optipess CD (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'Monopot eschews both noise and Kim Hiorthoy`s pastoral approach for a post-rock terrain more reminiscent of Dave Pajo`s post-Slint project Arial M. Guitar, bass and drums form the backbone of Monopot`s recordings, but they`re approached through electronica`s backdoor'. - Grooves Magazine. Mostly rave reviews all-over.

Molvær, Nils Petter - The Solid Ether Remixes Volume 1 12" (Universal 2000) 75 NOK / 9.5 US $
Molvær, Nils Petter - The Solid Ether Remixes Volume 2 12" (Universal 2000) 75 NOK / 8.25 US $
On volume one there are remixes of the tracks "Merciful" and "Solid Ether" by Herbert. Volume two contains remixes of "Ligotage"and "Dead Indeed" by TeeBee.

Monopot - Something is like nothing was CD (Smalltown Supersound 1999) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Slow, melancholic beauty, recalling the likes of Low, Mogwai, Slint and Codeine, with a touch of the Chicago sound. From touching, melancholic pop and beautiful instrumentals, to brilliant experimental tracks and intensely, noisy tracks that almost rocks."

Moriarty, Magnus - U R On A Radar LP (Metronomicon Audio 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
A 12" recorded on tape and a giant step for Mr. Moriarty. 25 minutes of magnificent sounding, incredibly well written and cheerful retrofuturistic pop-music.

Moriarty, Magnus - Sky-Fi Beautitude CD-R (Metronomicon Audio 2004) 85 NOK / 12.5 US
The further explorations of Moriarty(tm) and his companion and producer Mr. Ergo goes into an area where folk-rock, lo-fi and sci-fi mixes together into a joyful and poppish mixture. The lyrics are absurd fairytales, and the melodies are bound to be whisteled by you if you can whistle and if you listen to this album more than once.

Motion Control – Strawberries 7" (Beatservice 1999) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
"The A-side is a laidback, but still funky house track, the first taster of the new Motion Control style. The B-side is Mind over MIDI's minimal apporach to the "Digits 2" track, original taken from the "Digits" album." The last in Beatservice's Arctic Circles 2-series.

Motion Control – Groovetool 12" (Beatservice 2000) 60 NOK / 7.5 US $
Motion Control – Groovetool 12" Picture Disc (Beatservice 2000) 75 NOK / 8.25 US $
Four of the most "dancable" tracks from the "Groovetool" album plus a remix of "Night Cap". Detroit-sound mixed with impulses from French house, 70s disco and the electronic sound of the 80s. The picture disc is a strictly limited item.

Motor Home - Country Chris 7" (Stickman 2002) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Martin Hagfors (Home Groan. Groan Alone and HGH) on guitar and vocals with Motorpscho's Bent on drums, Snah on bass and Gebhardtt playing banjo. Country Chris is the good ol' HGH song in a new version - but the B-side is a fine exclusive track signed Gebhardt. Pricey, but nothing we can do.

Motorpsycho – Phanerothyme LP (Stickman 2001) 135 NOK / 19.75 US $$
Their latest album, and their best in years. At least a few. Well, this one plugs the same plugs as "Let Them Eat Cake", but with new dimensions. Lots of help from the guys and gal in Jaga Jazzist, plus the usual family Deathprod and Baard Slagsvold. A winner in natty pop.

Motorpsycho – Roadwork Vol. 2: The MotorSourceMassacre 2LP (Stickman 2000) 200 NOK / 27 US $
Documenting the incident at Kongsberg Jazzfestival 1995 where Motorpsycho w/ Deathprod and The Source put their head together and performed a blistering live-set.

Motorpsycho – Roadwork Vol. 1 – Heavy Metall… 2LP (Stickman 1999) 200 NOK / 29 US $
Recorded on the Trust Us tour of Europe 1998 this mega package presents how the band sounds live. Great cover and great versions of Un Chien d’espace pt 1, Black To Comm (MC5) and Vortex Surfer to name a few. This vinyl version includes a bonus tune not to be found on the CD. And that’s Feel.

Motorpsycho - Let Them Eat Cake LP (Colombia 2000) 135 NOK / 19.75 US $$
Latest album, and their most orchestrated yet. "Augmented by up to a dozen other musicians (including a string quartet) the band have created a stunning album that mixes elements of West Coast psychedelic grooves, Beach Boys vocal harmonies, Beatles production trickery and more." The Freak Emporium.

Murayama, Seijiro / Martin Powell / Per Gisle Galåen "Catching Flames In An Empty Sky" TAPE (Ambolthue 2008) 50 NOK / 9 US $
Seijiro Murayama on drums, Martin Powell on theremin and Per Gisle Galåen on bass. Recorded in Brugata, Oslo 1st of December 2007, Limited edition of 50 copies, single-sided cassette tape.

Nervous Noise - V/A CD (Nervous Nurse 2005) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
With Monobrain, André Borgen, Lasse Marhaug, Filthy Turd, Kobi, Plated Steel, Valvula Antirreetorno, Fever Spoor etc. etc. 16 artists in total.

Nice System – Impractical Guide To The Opposite Sex MCD (Radio Khartoum 2001) 75 NOK / 9.5 US $
Remington Super 60-side project, but could have been named RS60. Fine and easy bossa-pop.

Nihilists, The – Asshole Of TheYear 7" (Feedback Underground 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Watching a diving guitarist while listening to nothing but the sound of the fall. Mind being another place?

Nilsen, Tove – Flash Caravan CD (Rune Grammofon 1998) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"From the dictaphone surrealism of the opening track to the accusingly beautiful Breaking The Girl we've had distorted electronics, triphop, and minimalist country. All music and lyrics are written by the young singer, leaving no doubt that we are dealing with a highly uncompromising artist.".

Nilssen-Love, Paal / Håkon Kornstad - Schlinger CD (Smalltown Supersound 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'Schlinger is an exercise in acoustic free styling. The album boosts with pure and raw energy. Ecstasy music as William Parker calls it. Jazz played the punk rock way! Kornstad and Nilssen-Love lean not only to the great American free-jazz tradition, but also finds inspiration in 60`s garage rock, modern electronica as well as funk and soul. Schlinger is cutting edge jazz, Scandinavian style. Wild, beautiful and obsessive!'

Nilssen-Love, Paal and Mats Gustafsson - I Love It When You Snore CD (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Percussionist Nilssen-Love teams up with the Swedish baritone saxist Gustaffson in something that turns out to be a great blow in the name of free jazz. From silent spasms to load grunts, it blows and sticks its way to your heart and bone.

Nilssen-Love, Paal / Ken Vandermark - Dual Pleasure (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK /19.5 US $
Well-knowned free-jazzers Nilssen-Love and Vandermark teams up again and serve us a spicy blend of sound-powder. The first in STS' Spontaneous Music Series.

Nilssen-Love, Paal – Sticks & Stones CD (Sofa 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
So, how interesting does an album with drums and percussion and only drums and percussion sound? Most people would probably think twice before spending one month's guitar-strings budget on Paal Nilssen-Love's solo album. Think once, fuck the guitar and check this one out! Nilssen-Love is a remarkable musician and after listening to this album you forget that it's merely drums; it's just wonderful music. Notable characters as Peter Brotzmann, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson, Jeb Bishop, Frode Gjerstad and many others, have played with young fellow Nilssen-Love over the past few years, but he stands very well alone too!

No Spaghetti Edition - Real Time Satellite Data CD (SOFA 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
'Real time satellite data was recorded in Kampen church in Oslo, and consists of collective electro-acoustic improvisations by the group. The goal of this recording was to capture the unique sound mixture produced by the brilliant musicians involved and to let the sound of the electronics, the acoustic instruments and the acoustic quality of the space merge organically and naturally. The highly dynamic result was recorded by engineer Thomas Hukkelberg.'

No Spaghetti Edition - Pasta Variations CD (SOFA 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
No Spaghetti Edition is group improvisation with a line up that frequently changes. The Pasta Variations presents one of many No Spaghetti Editions, and there are still more to come. The music was recorded on a tour in march 2002. With Phil Minton, Pat Thomas, Frode Haltli, Ivar Grydeland, Tonny Kluften and Ingar Zach.

No Spaghetti Edition – Listen… And Tell Me What It Was CD (Sofa 2001) 145 NOK / 16.25 US $
Improvisation-ensemble mixing acoustic and electronic sound. On this recording they are Maja Ratkje (voice, electronics), Ingebrigt Flaten (double bass), Ingar Zach (drums/percussion), Pat Thomas (piano, electronics), Frode Haltli (accordion), Tonny Kluften (double bass), Ivar Grydeland (guitar), Axel Dörner (trumpet, electronics), Rolf Erik Nystrøm (reeds), Håkon Kornstad (reeds), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums/percussion) and Øyvind Torvund (guitar).

No Tribute! - V/A CD (Little Mafia / Carbon / Sunship / Breathmint) 75 NOK / 11 US $
Here are 24 tracks of the finest out-rock available! Acts like Reynols, Dapper, Hijokaidan, Cock E.S.P. V/VM, Wolf Eyes, Wrong and DEL (the only Norwegian contribution) pay homage to the very fine Canadian Nihilist Spasm Band. Great stuff.

Noise Is All In Your Head, The - V/A CD (Gold Soundz 2002) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Compilation with exclusive tracks. Featuring Noxagt, Lasse Marhaug, Duo Kanel, Continental Fruit, DJ Bra Nesegir, Sindre Bjerga / Anders Gjerde, Neil Campbell, Rats With Wings, Volcano The Bear, If You Meet You Anti-Self, Thurston Moore, Julian Bradley, OJN, The Wife Contract, Songs Of Norway, Dylan Nyoukis and Oren Ambarchi.

Nood – Shaped Like A Taco CD (dbut 2000) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Beaty, spacey, groovy and spicy cut-ups recordings with a twisted look on contemporary electro techno pop music. Schizo-house or lo-fidelity club? Whatever. Second puzzle by this duo which is Per Platou and Ulf Knudsen.

Nordheim, Arne - Dodeka CD (Rune Grammofon 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'It is with great joy and honour that we are able to celebrate our 30th release with a new album by one of the most distinguished personalities in Norwegian music. Not only that, Dodeka, meaning twelve in Greek, is a small sensation in that the twelve pieces presented here have never been available on record before. These compositions are made from the building blocks and basic elements from Nordheim´s work in Warszaw between 1967 and 1972. Considering the primitive working methods and the equipment available at the time, Dodeka is also special in that it´s sonic qualities are quite astounding with a clarity and character all of their own.

Nordheim, Arne - Electric CD (Rune Grammofon 1998) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Recorded 30 years ago, and long unavailable, these are the complete electronic works of composer Arne Nordheim. Among the most stunning and musical electronic works ever produced, it has stood the test of time remarkably well. Deluxe fold-out digipak. Exites.

Nordic Miracle, The - We Shall Provide CD (Humbug 2002) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
A 'crooner noise' duo featuring Lasse Marhaug and Tore H. Bøe, both prolific solo artists and increasingly as travellers/collaborators in experimental musical circles internationally. Three tracks recorded live at three different places. Pure sexy noise, no beeps and squeeks. Just that beautiful cascade of noise. The real stuff?

Nor-Noise - V/A DVD + CD (OHM Records 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
'"Nor-Noise" - a 115 minute documentary by Tom Hovinbøle with interviews of Otomo Yoshihide, Tore H. Bøe, Franscisco López, Helge Sten, Maja Ratkje, Masami Akita, Lasse Marhaug and several others. The DVD comes with a full lenght compilation CD of norwegian noise artists, including Jazzkammer, Crazy River, Norwegian Noise Orchestra, Fe-Mail, o.melby and more. All new and exclusive tracks. Quite a massive package. The DVD is in PAL format, but should play fine on all computers.'

Norwegian Nights - V/A CD (Boutique 2003) 155 NOK / 22.75 US $$
Special-made German export compilation with Silje Nergaard, Nils Petter Molvær, Bobby Hughes Experience, Wibutee, Karin Krog, Beady Belle, Bugge Wesseltoft, Mari Boine and many more. Some of the artists are remixed by, to name a few, Herbert, Sternklang, Chilluminati and Tommy Tee.

Norwegian Noise Orchestra - Tender Love is a Bitch: NNO live at Betong 12.12.02 CD-R (TIB Prod 2003) 100 NOK / 14-75 US $
On this recording: Andre Borgen, Andreas Meland, Sten Ove Toft, Bjørn Hatterud, Per Gisle Galåen, Kai Mikalsen, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Fredrik Ness Sevendal, Sindre Andersen, Ole H. Melby, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Svein Egil Hatlevik, Kjetil S. Matheussen, Kim Sølve and Harald Fetveit.

Now We Got Members - Tiny Disasters On/Off CD (Metronomicon Audio 2004) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
First proper CD from the very active Metronomicon collective. NWWGB plays a sort of progressive new-psychedelia with a touch of Balkan. The poppy kind of way. It's good stuff.

Now, Voyager – Dress Your Wounds MCD (I Think I Chose…1997) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Now, Voyager – The Gap Between Is And Ought CD (I Think I Chose1998) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Melancholy guitar pop from this Trondheim quartet. Their trademark is harmony vocals and "break-ups". Radioheadish, but still Now, Voyagersque. "..the musical landscape is complex, and you find various signs that indicate that this is pop with the 90`s feeling ..." The Gap: CD-R.

Noxagt / Ultralyd - Split LP (Textile 2006) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Released in Textile´s vinyl-series Noxagt offers Firebird recorded 2001 and a couple of live-tracks recorded between 2002 and 2003. Neat. Ultralyd-side got four strong tracks of wood and iron. Sweet.

Noxagt - s/t LP (Load 2006) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
"Dangerous dirge blasts out of the tail pipe of Norway?s ghost rider band Noxagt?s third and self titled record. Gone is the Nil?s Erga?s viola that led the chariot races on the last two NOXAGT records on LOAD, replaced with Anders Hana (of ULTRALYD) on spring loaded guitar. Where as the past two records flung tarballs at the idea of hard rock in the 21st century, this third record crawls from the ooze with a determined and wiry intent to bring you to your knees with stark riff power and bludgeoning rhythmic density. This is Noxagt?s strangest turn from instrumental sludge helmeted Vikings to staple jointed snake running dunt rock doctors. Fans of past records will find a lot to wrap their brows around with this record, and new fans will take note of the wiry riffs emitting from this Norse carriage."

Noxagt - Turning It Down Since 2001 CD (Safe As Milk 2003) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
Noxagt - Turning It Down Since 2001 LP (Load Records 2003) 120 NOK / 17.5 US

'Noxagt have come to burn your dirty soul. Three piece in the bass, viola, and drums format. This record is heavier than all the weight Richard Simmons lost before becoming the annoying skinny man he is. Produced by Billy Andersson (Sleep, High On Fire, Neurosis), this record is a pummeling masterpiece. Songs that breathe through their mouth very loudly. Noxagt is at the forefront of the Nor-Wave movement that takes cues from the American wrecking units like Lightning Bolt and Pink and Brown and adds a distinctly Norwegian heavy slant. Liner notes by Stefan Jaworzyn.'

Noxagt - Underpants for men 60 NOK / 7.5 US $
In large and x-large. For the man.

Noxagt - Drid Machine T-Shirt 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
T-shirt in black. Only large available. With 'Noxagt' in disturbed letters and 'Drid Machine' below.

Noxagt T-Shirt 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
T-shirt in black, lilac or green. Large and x-large available.

Noxagt - s/t CD (Synesthetic Recordings 2001) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
"This 50 track (!) compilation includes all the hits from the two Noxagt 7" EPs, contributions to the DJ Bra Nesegir / Fibo-Trespo / KDBG / Noxagt split 7" and the Sandnes / Stavanger compilation 7" EPs, as well as unreleased material, including two live recordings from the Safe As Milk festival 2000 featuring Jan Christian L. Kyvik on guitar. Other guests on this compilation are Olivier Carpentier and Erdiar Goldwing. One track is performed by Kjertl Del Brondo Group (Brandsdal, Kyvik, Bjerga and Paal Fjelde)." Kool out-there cut-up rock that sums it up with a weird version of Jahn Teigen's "Glasnost". Hail hail.

Nuggetts, The - Powerpop Girl 7" (Sneakers 2000) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Ex-Basement Brats-brats doing the 60’s-rock with a pop-feel.

Nullskattesnylterne / Tugboat – Shake Hands And Be Friends With… 7" (Nosebleeder 1999) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Two covers of the infamous folkrock-band Prudence of the70s. The bands are doing Jet Set Member and Delbert. Rockish!

NUMUSIC NUCD #01 CD (Numusic 2006) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Numusic is the main electronic music and arts festival in Norway. The fact that it is located in Stavanger and existing for 7 years, is as impressing as the 2006-program. This CD compilation is based on contributions through local media. So, no "big names" here. BUT: Nes, Elektrofant, Prügelknaben, HOH, Fistfight, Qrt, .P (Pål Asle Pettersen), Kjetil Egeland, Czechoslovakia, Sunday Productions and Jan-Morten Iversen.

Nutsons, The - Sleaze Cheesebourg 10" (no label 2003) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Four tracks

Nuvel - Nemo Bonus TAPE (Koksidose 2003) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Nuvel. Sten Ove Toft (of Waffelpung) on laptop, samples and contact-mic. Vidar Evensen (Marakel) on tapes, mics and toys. Nuvel. Fucked-up, yet soft and screeching noise performed with intuition and attitude.

Oddpopp – Untouchable (In Dreams) 7" (Two Zero 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Guitar-rock, sounding almost British, but no it’s not. Sometimes we think of Supergrass, this time too.

Opdahl, Tom – Black Smoker CD (Biophon 2001) 165 NOK / 24.25 US $$
Tom Opdahl's debut-album and Geir "Biosphere" Jenssen's second release on his own Biophon-label. Deep, throbbing and waving electronics.

Obscuro - Hazard Blues / Fredrikstad Drifter 7" (Bronson Recordings 2005) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Two brothers from Fredrikstad doing the instant instrumental.

Origami Arktika - Eplekyss CD-R (TIB Prod 2006) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Recorded live at Garage, Oslo 9th of November 2004. Six songs.

Origami Arktika - At Røyspytten 7" (Killer 2002) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Origami Arktika - Vardøgr CD (Silber 2002) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $

Two new Arktika releases on American label Silber and killer label Killer. Experimental folk.

Origami Arktika – At Snippen 7" (Killer 2000) 35 NOK / 5 US $
First release with this new crew of Arktika; Kelly Braaten, Bjarne Larsen, Kai Mikalsen, Tore H. Bøe and Rune Flaten. Floatinge and moody folk-music, going experimental and nice! Distinctive sounds of scraping woods and stone, flutes, piano, voices etc.

Origami Arktika / Lull – Brook CD (Fario 2001) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
French release with Mick Harris' Lull and Origami Arktika.

Origami Galaktika - The Power of Compassion 7" (Duplicate 2003) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
'Excellent meditative ambience. Like a Kurosawa nightmare sequence.'

Origami Replika - Schmerzpønkdada CD (Jazzassin 1998) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
CD nicely packed in a punky 7"-cover. Ugly, which is the intention, is also the music; trash-punk-sample-noise, and the longest bonus-track (55 minutes) we have come across, because this is really a cd-single. All inlays are miscellaneous: articles from Maximum R`R, cartoons, soap etc. Turn down the volume, think of your neighbour! Fun.

Origami Replika / Kapotte Muziek – Metamusikk CD (Ichor 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $ $
Four cuts by Lasse and Tore, recorded back in 1997, plus one remix and a remake by Frans de Waard of Kapotte Muziek. Using a record player, effect boxes, trash micrphones, various tapes and records, cameras and carpets and so on, this is the most quiet and calm release from Replika. A major highlight. Released on Canadian label Ichor.

Origami Teknika – Number Zero CD (Metal Art Disco 1994) 150 NOK / 22 US $
The closest enounter with the hype according to Origami Republika. Cyberpope A02, Tømmervik A06 and Crashman A22 doing industrial techno, ambient, hiphop etc...

Oxley Project 1, Tony – Tringular Screen CD Sofa 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Four textured mosaics energised by drummer Oxley with two Norwegian musicians: electric guitarist Ivar Grydeland and bassist Tonny Kluften. The first improvisation was captured at Kongsberg Jazzfestival last March; the remaining three were recorded in concert in Oslo in May. Pace and density vary, but all four pieces are highly physical, suggesting solid mobiles that disclose different facets and create unexpected temporary alignments as they turn. This is group improvisation at its purest, making sound objects that float free from ego." - Julian Cowley, The Wire.

Pacer – Ain’t Home 7" (Drop 1999) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Angry pop limited to 100 copies.

Palace Of Pleasure - Betty Ford, Here We Come CD (S2 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
More dance-oriented, less experimental, but still a gold mine of recommended sound.

Palace Of Pleasure – Batboy 12" (S2 2000) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
The title-track is taken from the Popoganda album, plus Päronsoda-mix, POP-mix, Rainy Day Live.

Päronsoda - Equator Funk EP 12" (C+C Records 2001) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Part 1 of the triology which in its complete form is the duo's latest cd-release.

Päronsoda - World Wide EP 12" (C+C Records 2001) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Part 2 of the triology which in its complete form is the duo's latest cd-release.

Päronsoda - Old School Dance Floor '88 EP 12" (C+C Records 2001) 100 NOK / 11.25 US $
Part 3 of the triology which in its complete form is the duo' s latest cd-release.

Perfect Pop Compilation 91-94 – V/A CD (Perfect Pop 1994) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Mostly exclusive tracks from King Midas, Time Lodgers, The Release Party, Astroburger, The Tables, The Loch Ness Mouse etc. Cheap and very good.

Peru You – In The Sea On The Sea LP / CD (TPWP 2002) LP: 145 NOK / 19.75 US $ CD: 155 NOK / 22.75 US $$
Peru You released their debut 7" in 2001, and here is the debut album! Intelligent sofa-pop, with references to artists as Sea & Cake, Tortoise, Neil Young, Yo La Tengo and The Smiths.

Pettersen, Pål Asle – s/t CD-R (no label 2001) 90 NOK / 13.25 US $
Rather fine electronic compositions by this fellow who's been playing with sax-man Frode Gjerstad in other projects.

Phô - This Is Handywork CD (Humbug 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'The noise, the beefstock, two drummers and a microphone stuffed inside a cheap flute. Phô concerts have been compared to depleted nuclear testing grounds where repetitive forms continue into hourlong dronelike particle eruptions particular to historical models yet retaining the momentum of contemporary, concentrated noisemaking without compromise but instead a sense of form, duration, and sound, drawn from an inside perspective on musical aesthetics and a taste for the extreme. good luck guys.'

Phonophani / Isan - Split 7" (Audio Dregs 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Split with Phonophani and UKs Isan. Nice transparent-cover with post-card.

Phonophani –Genetic Engineering CD (Rune Grammofon 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Phonophani¹s work is characterized by various manipulated live instruments seamlessly integrated with pure electronic sounds. Espen will not admit to this being a concept album, but says of the title that «sampling is a form of gene manipulation where you arrange and rearrange soundparts from your own playing and the works of others to create new organisms of sound».

Phonophani / Vibracathedral Orchestra - Milkland #2 (Safe As Milk / Melektronikk 2003) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Rhythmic melancholy, but not that melancholy that worship shoes. Phonophani stands tall with a bowed back, striking the sentimental notes. Vibracathedral Orchestra's (Neil Campbell) side is a oriental-sounding 'noisy' drone, which brings some of La Monte Youngs work to mind.

Pooh The Pendrulian – Earthsounds and Heartpounds EP 7" (Milk & Honey 2001) 55 NOK / 7 US $
Three tracks of quiet, slow and silent pop in the sleepy lane. Soft and quite beautful.

Portrait Of David - These Days Are Hard To Ignore CD (Racing Junior 2001) 145 NOK / 19.75 US $
POD is Ola Fløttum (The White Birch, ex-Salvatore), and this is his solo-outing. "The tunes are more like a personal vision than merely songs. Every one carries their own mood, their own sentiments and speaks their own parts of the person constituting Portrait of David. And if this is correct he probably has inkling towards the melancholy side of life. This CD speaks volumes about wide-open loneliness, lost childhood (of seven songs with lyrics four have the word child in the first sentence) and the sadness of things. Beautiful sadness that is..." - Luna Cafe.

Pro Bono Publico - V/A 2LP (Vertical Form 2003) 185 NOK / 27 US $
Compilation with three exclusive tracks each from Pan American, Kim Hiorthøy, Iso 68 and Corker.

Prosjekt 2 – s/t CD-R (no label 2001) 90 NOK / 13.25 US $
Electro-acoustic ambience performed by fourtet Pål Asle Pettersen (cassette-release coming on Apartment Tapes soon), Helge Olav Øksendal, Roger Egseth and René Tjemsland.

Quadrant 4 - The Uhuru EP 10" (Groovecentral 1999) 60 NOK / 7.5 US $
Drum&bass from two 16-year old kidz located in Kristiansand. They've been doing music a couple of years, so they seem to know what they're doing. "Catches a certain summer-vibe that is rarely seen/heard in any music nowadays."

Quest – Highway Of Love 7" (Beverly Brothers Rec… 2000) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
The guys from Vehiculos De Ocasion (see below) plus Benjamin Helland doing the guitar-bass-drums-vocal thingy. Pretty good and loud A5 emo-rock. 100 copies pressed.

Quest Quartet, The - Home LP (Pals Records 2001) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
"Edition of 300, 11 tracks, minimalistic, post-rock, lo-fi, slow and some noise."

Quintet – March 28th 1999 CD (bp 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
The quintet: Carl Magnus Neumann – saxophone, Ketil Gutvik – guitar, Bjørnar Andresen – bass, Eivind Opsvik – bass, Paal Nilssen-Love – drums.

Ralph Meyerz & The Jack Herren Band - Think Twice EP 12" (Emperor Northon 2002) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Don't think twice.

Ranheim - Norwegian Wood CD (Evil Music Int. 2008) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Out of the Norwegian Woods comes Ranheim. A 3-piece consisting of Admiral von Ranheim, Don Ranheim and Kaptein Ranheim, all born and bred at Ranheim, a community on the eastern part of Trondheim, Norway. Beeing fed hard rock for breakfast, hardcore for lunch and a slightly more experimental post-punk soup for dinner, Ranheim has developed their own menu consisting of these ingredients mixed with some hot, alternative and unpredictable spices. Recorded by Steve Albini in the Windy City. Comes in a very cool recycled cardboard cover that makes you want to buy it.

Ranheim - Kraft 7" (EMI 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Hailing from the small community Ranheim, this trio took their band-name from where they grew up, got crowded by the Nardo-nerds, went crazy, left in anger, but always came back to when the going got too tough. They play minimal and raw rock on every occasion. Math for the rockers? Perhaps. Or just plain rock with a twist? You gotta check it out then! Polar bears, sticks, bells, strings and mouth. Featuring members from Bob Jones Experience, Moider, Angor Wat, VietNamNam, Skeletones, Ola Næbb X-Perience and a hell lot more.

Ratkje, Maja S.K. / Lasse Marhaug - Music For Faking CD (C3R 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'From the team that brought you 'Music for Shopping' and 'Music for Loving' comes an aural experience so shocking that you'll need to hear it again and again and again. Marvel at the amount of noise that they can make! Speculate on why the clown is so sad! Get out your noise bible and sing a psalm for ultra-woman! It's all here, in one colourful package.'

Ratkje, Maja S.K. / Lasse Marhaug - Music For Loving CD (Bottrop-Boy 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Recorded in Oslo, my immediate reaction was a fat smile. It’s one of those recorded forms that just takes hazardous technical difficulties to the umpteenth level. This is the noise record of the year. Pixelated, muddy, awkward, fricticious, its all in there; like a mystery stew of aural delights. Chaos personified, remixed and served as an elixir alongside yodeling nonsense and random sky scraping air rides from Mars. What’s this about “Sliced Minimalist Meets Sheep”?.etc? I am truly speechless; this is just fucked in half!' - TJ Norris, Igloomag.com

Ratkje, Maja and Jaap Blonk - s/t CD (Kontrans 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Acoustic vocal improvisation, recorded in Amsterdam, Oslo and Arnhem 2001-2002, by Dutch Jaap and Maja.

Ratkje, Maja S.K. / Lasse Marhaug - Music For Shopping LP (Synesthetic Recordings 2002) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Six shopping-tracks from Maja S.K. Ratkje on theremin, voice, analogue effects and minidisc, and Lasse Marhaug on computer and samples. Fabulous!

Ratkje, Maja - Voice CD (Rune Grammofon 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'The debut solo album from SPUNK member Maja Ratkje will secure her a place among the finest experimental singers. From the weird and furious to the enchanting and beautiful, this is an album rich in atmosphere, colour and creative madness. Everything is based on her voice. Co-produced by Jazzkammer.'

Release Party, The – s/t CD (Perfect Pop 1993) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
The Release Party involved Bartleby and Birdeye of the Tables and Monsters of Doom, but just for a short while and before this release. They broke up, and some of them ended up in the Blind Bats. Alike the Bats, this is Perfect Pop music.

Remington Super 60 – Christmas In May CDEP (Cafe2001 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Five track EP with what we know Remington Super 60 are capable of; making nice and floating electro-popbossa-pop songs. Christmas all year!

Remington Super 60 – RS60 & Friends In Space (Trust Me 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
New and nice EP, with remixes by Ursula 1000 (US), Solex (NL), Apotygma Berzerk (NO) and Christopher Schou's own Nice System-project. Still futuristic bossa-lounge-pop!

Retardos, The / The Pumps - St. Valentine's Day Massacre 7" (TPWR 2001) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Close to a blueprint of the 7" EP with Girlschool and Motorhead from 1981. Cool Punk rock!

Retardos, The – Apeman 7" (Glazed Records 2001) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
"The Retardos burst on the scene in 2000 with their self-titled debut full length on Scooch Pooch / Safety Pin. They certainly laid waste to the world on tours with Backyard Babies and Yo-Yo's - Including a hellstorm of a show at the Red Eyed Fly at last year's SXSW. Given that… what do you do for an encore? You drop a load in the studio and unleash a smoking new 7" single on the world. Glazed is more than tickled to bring you 2 exclusive tracks of hedonistic auto-biographical rock. (The title track is named after their singer for chistsakes!) Rock? What kinda rock? The rock of NOW in the vein of New Bomb Turks, Demons, etc.. Complete with the obligatory 1/2 ape, 1/2 man artwork. Deluxe."

Rishaug, Alexander - Rooftop Camping 3" CDS (Enlightenment 2005) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'With Rooftop Camping Alexander presents two pieces of dynamic and refined electronic music. The pieces are based on recordings of self-played instruments and field recordings that were edited and processed on Rishaug's computer. The two tracks are followed by a calm and warm remix by Boston based Keith Fullerton Whitman (Hrvatski).'

Rishaug, Alexander - Panorama CD (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Alexander Rishaug is part of electronic improv-trio Arm, but here he is all by himself; clicking and playing wonderful music. Beeps, squeaks and digital manipulations resulting in an abstract and muted melodious collage ready to burst.

Room - Imaginary Borders CD (dbut 1992) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Jan Bang and Erik Honorè with guests like Bendik Hofseth and Jon Brandsnes. Keyboards, samples, tapes, vocals and percussion form the sound and music on this recording. Floating synth-pop.

Royal - V/A CD (dbut 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Released in connection with the royal wedding which included crown-prince Haakon Magnus and his wild gal Mette Marit. A fine gesture from label dbut, as being royal must be like a celebrity non grata. Hard work, but fun? Hopefully after putting this disc in the player. Tracks from Perculator, Sternklang, Palace Of Pleasure, Nood, Moon Orchestra, Dub Club Oslo, Briskeby, Stellan, Frost and Boy.

RuMuJo - s/t 3" CD-EP (Puppiversal 200?) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
It´s labelled psycho-garage-lo-fi.

RuMuJo - Don´t Believe their Lies 3" CD-EP (Puppiversal 200?) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Seven-tracked EP from Runar Johansen.

Ryfylke - Morild / Nuema Brister LP (Roggbif 2006) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
"Named after a region deep in the fjords of southwest Norway, Ryfylke is dedicated to creating slow erosions of sound, the gradual scaping away of a solid landscape by wind and rain, ice and seawater. Sten Ove Toft collects sounds, dirtying them up on old cassette machines and processing equipment, while Stian Skagen breaks them down into scintillating digital forms. Taking up a side of this 12" vinyl apiece, "Nuema Brister" and "Morild" are two starkly protracted geological eruptions that seem to bring with them the resonating fury of the earth beneath our feet. Glowing pillars of lava rise up, geysers of boiling white water tear up the rock. What's remarkable, however, is the level of control with which such effects have been brought about." - Ken Hollings / The Wire

Ryfylke - Boknafjord CD (Roggbif Records 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Boknafjord is the debut-album from Ryfylke that is Stian Skagen and Sten Ove Toft. Powerful and harsh electronic noise for your own pleasure. Not your neighbour's, but ours too!

Røyksopp - Poor Leno 12" (Wall Of Sound 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Three versions of one of the many hits on Melody AM. Northern beach mix, Istanbul forever take mix and the album version.

Røyksopp - Poor Leno : Silicone Soul's Hypno House Dub 12" (Wall Of Sound 2001) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
One-sided EP.

Safariari - Zebra Knights CD (Trust Me 2002) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
One-man project from Fredrikstad. ". influenced by various different musical styles - it's one bite of house, another of fuzz pop, some Casio, a tad Japanese club and to top it all some electronica. It all welds perfectly together into the album 'Zebra Knights' (entitled 'Save New York' until the 11th of September) and the accurate tag would be catchy pop music. The album shows Safariari's diversity, and he for sure is a wizard in juggling those samples."

Safe As Milk Sampler #2 – V/A CD-R (Safe As Milk 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Safe As Milk Sampler #3 – V/A CD-R (Safe As Milk 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Safe As Milk Sampler #4 – V/A CD (Safe As Milk 2001) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $

CD sampler released in connection with the Safe As Milk Festivals 2000, 2001 and 2002. Everything from pop - rock via no-wave, metal (!) to noise and electronics.

Salvation Circus – Norwegian Monkey 7" (Switch Off 2000) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
Trio rockin´ away with their 60’s inspired psychedelic rock.

Samkopf, Kjell - Har Du Sunget Denne For Grieg ? CD (dbut 1993) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Composer and percussionist Kjell Samkoph (b. 1952), recently working mainly on own woks for solo percussion and electronics. He's written orchestra and chamber music and music for radion, television, film and theatre. The performance which led to this recording (in English: 'Did you sing this for Grieg?') was part of the official celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Edvard Grieg.

Sandell Trio, Sten – Standing Wave CD (Sofa 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Established in 1999 in Stockholm and has worked regularly both there and in Oslo. The trio's musical work is in the tradition of European improvised music and is among the strongest and most intense piano-trios in Scandinavia today. 'Standing Wave' is recorded at the Oslo-club BLÅ, November 1999 and at Munch-museet (Munch museum in Oslo), October 2000. Mats Gustafsson's liner notes describes the music perfect: With the enormous amount of improvised music put out today, there is not much that sticks out, but this trio stands for the values of music which I believe in above all."

Sandnes / Stavanger - V/A 7" (no label 2000) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Compilation of sounds of the Nor Wave sound from the land of the burr. With Fibo-Trespo, Kulturetaten, Kjertl Del Brondo Group, Agur-K, Hellfire and Noxagt. 5 bands from each city. 4-4.

Scandinavian Noise Manifesto – Marhaug / Grunt/Bad Kharma CD (Jazzassin ) 100 NOK / 11.25 US $
Confirming all prejudices you had about Scandinavia: Icebears, Wasa crisp, alcoholism and suicide. Bad Kharma reflecting on swedish wasa crisp, Lasse Marhaug fully exploring his polarbear fetish through intense feedback assults and Grunt practising the core truth of Finland; incest, alcoholism, suicide and depression -all expressed through his own brand of electronics. Smart cover-package, and of course limited.

School, The - Mädchen EP 2x7" (Crispin Glover 2006) 85 NOK / 12.5 US
"...they find themselves perfectly situated with one foot in Berlin 1976-77 and the other in Manchester 1979-80.....The sound is razor-sharp with a dark and pounding undertone that might scare some away, yet for most it exudes that warm fuzzy feeling. Impressive." - N&D

Scorch Trio - Luggumt CD (Rune Grammofon 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
Scorch Trio - Luggumt 2LP (Rune Grammofon 2004) 170 NOK / 25 US $

"Follow-up to the highly acclaimed debut from 2002, this follows in the same supreme fashion, but differs in that it is a more varied recording. Bookended by two lenghty tour de force workouts, we get some lovely free playing demonstrating the great interplay these musicians are capable of, beautiful and mystical soundscapes and some strange Korean court music vibes. All in all another smashing release from guitarist Raoul Björkenheim and the great Norwegian rhythm section of bass player Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love." The LP-edition has 4 bonus-tracks not on the CD-edition.

Sevendal, Fredrik / Bill Wood - Song Of Degrees LP (Humbug 2003) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Collaboration between New Zealand's Bill Wood (1/3 Octave Band) and Norway's Fredrik Ness Sevendal (Slowburn, sometime DEL member,etc). Both have pursued impressive anti-careers, dabbling with homespun guitar abstraction which they've taken to new ends here..... "Song of Degrees" is an out-in-the-open navigation through alien swamp-blues, shimmering drones, churning, slow-burning feedback and gritty textures'.

Sevendal, FN / Galåen - Split 7" (OHM 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Players part of Slowburn, DEL and Marmont etc etc -- this is where they are both on their own with droney sounds and peculiar shifts. Sevendal's side is guitar- and timbre driven and Galåen drones away on a delayed rababe, percussion and mouth. Limited to ridiculous 110 copies, so get that finger moving!

Shining - In The Kingdom Of Kitch You Will Be A Monster CD (Rune Grammofon 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Strikingly original Norwegian art-rock combo makes its debut for the prestigious experimental label Rune Grammofon, piling clattering drum machines, moaning synths and samplers, swooning vocal harmonies, and thunderous, window-rattling cathedral organs atop an alternately creeping and brutally visceral brass foundation. Colossal. Shining keep things brief, subtle, tight, and aesthetically on-the-mark, suggesting progness (or at least, jazz kids spreading their rock wings) is often less about duration and bombast than complexity, invention, and the rigorous interplay of its players." Pitchforkmedia (US)

Shining - Where The Ragged People Go CD (bp 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'Debut-album which consists music with strong relations to the sixties John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Paul Bley and Ornette Coleman. Still all compositions are by reed-player Jørgen Munkeby. All tracks on this album are recorded on a 1/2 inch tape recorder with two microphones and no further mixing. The results are an unshaved acoustic expression where improvisations and compositions unite.' The band: Jørgen Munkeby (Jaga Jazzist, Bobby Hughes Experience), Morten Qvenild (Jaga Jazzist), Aslak Hartberg (Oslo Fluid) and Torstein Lofthus (Klovner I Kamp).'

Single Unit – Family Of Forces CD (Jester 2001) 165 NOK / 24.25 US $$
Outstanding solo-release from Are Mokkelbost (1/3 of Arm). Cut-up-metal, punk and grind mixed in a core of sampled hysteria. Electronic metal! Exquisite design too. You better grab this!

Single Unit - Passion Pirates & Parasites 7" picture disc (Synesthetic Recordings 2002) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Contains new versions of two tracks from the album Family Of Forces, released on Jester Records in 2001, as well as three previously unreleased tracks.

Sir Dupermann - s/t CD (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Bergen-guy Jørgen Træen aka Sir Dupermann is mostly known for his productions of albums by Jaga Jazzist, Monopot, Kaizers Orchestra plus many more. Musically it's not far away from label-mates Hiorthøy and Horntveth. Great production.

Skarnspage - Det Beste Innen Musikk Til Nå CD (Lilac Sky 2002) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Formed in Moss in 1994 by Nilc Petrovic and Jon Bon Joffi, Skarnspage have been offering fucked-up music in the name of rock for a while. This record was supposed to be released on Italian label Free Land, but something happened (or did not...) so Lilac Sky released it. Thank them for doing so, because this is a fine rock-album in tradition of bands like Trumans Water, US Maple. Everybody do the Nor-Wave!

Skull Defekts, The - Open the Gates of Mimer CD (AA Records 2006) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Open the Gates of Mimer includes a single, 55-minute track documenting The Skull Defekts' live set at Sweden's 2005 Norberg Festival. Featuring core members Henrik Rylander (ex-Union Carbide Productions) on electronics and drums and Joachim Nordwall (ex-Kid Commando) on guitar and effects plus Thomas Ekelund (electric guitar) and Lasse Marhaug (Powerbook G4), the group generates a monolithic noisefest of incinerating feedback and raw guitar fuzz. Violent ripples and tears collide with deathly guitar stabs, conjuring apocalyptic images of charred bodies strewn across immolated landscapes. Opening rather tamely with guitar stabs puncturing the silence, the piece grows progressively noisier, especially during the last third when even hounds from Hades appear. Hellish and harrowing it may be, but it's also one of those sets you wish you could have witnessed just to see the combustible monstrosity coming to life before your eyes. Issued in a limited run of 500 copies, the disc comes packaged in a distinctive hand-printed and numbered cardboard case covered with Constructivist graphics.' - Textura

Sleazy Listeners, The - The Romance Is Over CD (Squirrelgirl 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
The Montreal mirror says: 'Montreal multimedia artist Zev Asher (aka Roughage) pits his sound-deconstruction skills and haunting, Leonard-Cohen-on-mesc vocal stylings with Norwegian noise musician Lasse Marhaug's garbled DSP logic for a tribute to cheesy lounge pop. The result is full-on Merzbow-meets-Manilow. As lush, pastoral orchestral arrangements are distorted and bit-crushed into the stratosphere, Asher's low-end vocals rumble about love, heartbreak and "the sticky juice that'll make it slide." While digital piss-takers like the U.K.'s V/Vm have made attempts at this sort of tongue-in-cheek glitch-schmaltz, the Sleazy Listeners don't sound gimmicky and do a great job pulling out the haunting and disturbing quality of this cringe-worthy music. 8.5 out of 10'. Hail hail to Sleazy!

Slingshot Idol, The - V/A 7" (Norway Rat 2002) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
We're not familiar with this band, but we know the folks that remixes and manipulates their songs. They are: Noxagt, Duo Kanel, Ole H. Melby and DJ Bra Nesegir.

Smalltown Supersampler - V/A (Smalltown Supersound 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Compilation from STS with exclusive, rare, previously released and remixed tracks from Jaga Jazzist, Kim Hiorthøy, Martin Horntveth, Jazzkammer, Monopot, Sir Dupermann, Alexander Rishaug, Elektro Nova / Electro Nova, Continental Fruit and Lasse Marhaug. Comes with a very kool 16 paged booklet designed by Mr. Hiorthøy. Check out da Supersound.

Smalltown Supersound T-shirt 170 NOK / 25 US $$
Nice and good-quality t-shirts designed by Kim Hiorthøy. In large. Green colour.

Songs For A Crimson Eggtree – Various Artists LP (Earworm 2000) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
Available on this list because of the Dipsomaniacs track. Major class Pop from bands like Essex Green, Elf Power, Orange Alabaster Mushroom, Of Montreal, Midget & Hair plus plus.

Songs From The Loosing End v2.0 2LP (Krank 1999) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
A double LP compilation with Brother JT, Homegroan, DEL, Aunt Agatha, Kjertl Del Brondo Group, Origami Republika, Vlor, Remora, Ring ++++.

Sort Mel - Sort Jul 3" CD (Melektronikk 2004) 50 NOK / 7.5 $
"Sort Mel (translates: black flour) is a mysterious duo from the norwegian countryside. On a dissident farm that barely even the postman knows, they make top class plunder music. Once in a while, they put their best clothes on and go to the city to trawl fleamarkets and second hand shops for obscure early norwegian pop music. Sort Mel brings back the times when music really meant something (it meant getting it on). Sort Mel are half archeologists and half pirates. Very diligent but not verypolite. The trawling two boils the handpicked choice of old 78s into a new brew of music. Unlike most plunderphonies, Sort Mel is more focused on the final output than the process. They make music. Good music."

SOUN - V/A 7" (Gameboy 2003) 40 NOK / 5.75 US $
'This record is one track made of one-hundred individual pieces. Tracks were randomly assigned numbers as we received them.' With Norwegian acts as Spunk, Lasse Marhaug, Tore H. Bøe, Fe-Mail and (X,Y,Z), alongside artists like Merzbow, Reynols, Matmos, Hrvatski, Birchville Cat Motel, Alan Licht, Aube and many many more.

Speed Project, The- Loonie Sounds From Space TAPE (Koksidose 2003) 40 NOK / 8 US $
'The speed project is poeple form the legendary tape label Sophisticated Artworks, who has excisted since 1980. Petter Rønneberg (ex-wahn), his daugther Nadia Karlsen Rønneberg, and the drummer Linn Grindstead (ex-wahn) performs two long improvs, whichh sounds like Oldschoolish industrial/ambient wrapped inside a junkies heart, or just plain loonie sounds from space. This recording is a hidden treasure, and the first recording from this camp in over ten years. If yr in for a crazed atmosphereic journey, don`t hesitate...'

Spunk - Den Øverste Toppen på en blåmalt flaggstang CD (Rune Grammofon 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'The new studio album from this increasingly exciting and colourful quartet boasts yet another Pippi Longstocking related title. This free spirited and anti authoritarian character is one of the most loved and wellknown from the late, great Swedish author of childrens books, Astrid Lindgren. It translates "The very top of a bluepainted flagpole" and on reflection it gets clearer and clearer why the four young women (all still in their twenties) in SPUNK so easily will identify with this character, going their own pathways and relentlessly breaking most rules in the book. In many ways both more accesible, varied and distinct than their debut from 1999.'

Spunk - En Aldeles Forferdelig Sykdom CD (Rune Grammofon 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Their third studio album marks the 10th anniversary of this all female quartet. Free collective improvising is one of the most demanding ways of making music: the pitfalls are many – self-absorption, incoherence, certain standardized “gestures” of free jazz, lack of dynamics, humourlessness – but SPUNK are alert to the dangers. Bold, sometimes witty, always alert, they make engaging music, and keep the sound of surprise alive. They have no fear of bringing the music to the brink of anarchy - they are interested in extremes as well as subtleties - but their instincts as composers-in-action also serve them well. ”En Aldeles Forferdelig Sykdom” (”An Absolutely Terrible Disease”) is produced by Jørgen Træen (Sir Dupermann, Magnet, Jaga Jazzist). SPUNK is Maja Ratkje, Hild Sofie Tafjord, Kristin Andersen and Lene Grenager."

Spunk - Filtered Through Friends CD (Rune Grammofon 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Central artists from Norway´s flowering electronica and noise scene join forces to remix female chamber anarchist quartet Spunk, the source being the group´s debut album from 1999, "Det eneste jeg vet er at det ikke er en støvsuger". Contributions from Martin Horntveth, Kim Hiorthøy, Upper Rooms, Phonophani, Svalastog, Kristin Andersen, (X, Y, Z), Andreas Meland, Jørgen Træen, Sun Demon, Risto Holopainen, Lasse Marhaug and Andreas Mjøs.

Spunk – Det Eneste Jeg Vet Er At Det Ikke Er En Støvsuger (Rune Grammofon) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Improvisation from four, young female musicians with backgrounds from jazz, classical, contemporary, rock and country. Weird, wonderful and completely beyond categorisation, the quartet was formed 4 years ago. This is their debut recording.

St. Thomas - Hey Harmony LP (Racing Junior 2003) 125 NOK / 18.25 US $
Popular Neilwegian guy with hat. Limited edition of 300, numbered on nice 180 gram vinyl, and exclusive cover art.

St. Thomas – I'm Coming Home CD (Racing Junior 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Second album from the prince of camp fire.

St. Thomas – Mysterious Walks CD (Racing Junior 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Mysterious Walks is an impressive album debut, holding songs of substance, melodic quality and artistry. There's a lo-fi feel and attitude, with simplicity in arrangements and songs straight to the point. Vocals, guitars, banjo, organ, and all songs about 2 1/2 - 3 minutes long. What's also important is that there's a rich and warm sound and atmosphere throughout the album. It's authentically, no fake. Enjoy! And applaud!!" – Luna Cafe.

Sternklang - Beautiful Thing 7" (dbut 2001) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
New single from Mr. Brøndbo. New funk and jazz.

Sternklang – Neolounge CD (Beatservice 1999) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Sternklang – Afterglow 7" (Beatservice 1999) 40 NOK / 4.5 US $

Jazzy and funky instrumental hip-hop, electro and experimental electronica mixed with laidback drum'n'bass elements. Neolounge is Sternklang’s (aka Rune Brøndo) second album. Eclectical Wires contains two remixes by Perculator and Rubert Hiney. Afterglow 7" is the third release in Beatservice’s Arctic Circles 2 Series, and contains a remix by Teebee & K, beside the Afterglow-track.

Stone-O-Saurus – Rhythms Of Life And Death (TPWB Records 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US
Eystein Hopland from Sister Rain with a little help from Anders Møller (Euroboys), Mikkel Bay Vold (Astroburger and Tables), Rolf Yngve Uggen (Gluecifer). Pop with hints to psychedelia, rock with the stoner-leg, this is progressive stuff for your heads and hearts.

Strønen / Storløkken - Humcrush CD (Rune Grammofon 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Debut release from Supersilent keyboardist Ståle Storløkken and Food drummer Thomas Strønen. “Humcrush” is a set of improvisations recorded live in the studio, believe it or not we might add, as they more often sound like meticulously composed and programmed pieces of music. Which is also to say that they´re both highly accomplished musicians. “Humcrush” varies between breaknecking rhythmical excursions and lyrical beauty and should appeal to Supersilent fans and followers of the most sophisticated Warp electronica."

Strønen, Thomas - Pohlitz CD (Rune Grammofon 2006) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Thomas Strønen (33) is one of Norway´s most prolific drummers, known from Food, Humcrush, Parish, Maria Kannegaard Trio and others, where he has often also taken on the role of writer and arranger and sometimes producer. ”Pohlitz” is the 30th record he appears on, but his very first solo album. All the material is written, arranged and produced by Thomas, but is, originally enough, a percussion record completely without ordinary drums. The music is improvised, with focus on details and melodic elements and with references to minimalists like (early) Steve Reich, traditional Gamelan music and fellow Norwegian Arne Nordheim´s classic electronic music."

Stuntbike – Gone CD (Smalltown Supersound 1999) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Melodic and catchy guitar-pop, not unlike the songs and melancholic moods of Sportsguitar, Sebadoh and so on. Recommended.

Stuntbike – Sometimes 7" (Smalltown Supersound 1998) 35 NOK / 5 US $
The title-track is from the band’s brand new album, listed below, and this is another limited run (their debut 7" is long gone). Cover-painting by Norwegian artist Guttorm Nordø.

Supersilent - 7 DVD PAL (Rune Grammofon 2005) 200 NOK / 29 US $
"Finally we can present this longawaited treat of a concert film. The sold out concert took place in Oslo in August last year and was beautifully captured by Kim Hiorthøy and friends to 16 mm black and white film, and later edited by Hiorthøy. The sound was recorded by Athletic Sound and mixed by Helge Sten. Needless to say, it looks and sounds fantastic. The concert itself was rewarded a six out of six review at the time in Norway´s major national paper Aftenposten. You get the complete concert, 109 minutes, 6 tracks, in the same order as on the night, there are no overdubs or repairs. And there is no bonus material, not even a menu. This is a conscious decision by the director, artist and label. We wanted it to work like a cd, with instant access to the concert material and individual tracks. Both sound and picture has been coded in the best possible way. It´s a DVD-9 (as opposed to the more normal DVD-5), meaning it´s a dual layer disc with more space for information and therefore better picture quality. In addition to the standard Dolby Digital, there is also a DTS sound option for those with players equipped for this."

Supersilent - 6 2LP (Rune Grammofon 2003) 160 NOK / 23.5 US $
Supersilent - 6 CD (Rune Grammofon 2003) 150 NOK / 22 US $$

'From the monumental hardcore blizzard storms of "1-3" to the elegant electrojazz of "4" and the almost quiet soundscapes of " 5", this album is where the sum of all things Supersilent comes together in a shape of almost epic proportions. More than ever it appears clear that their music lives in a no man's land between the genres, somewhere between rock, electronica, jazz and modern composition. As with all their recordings and live performances, everything here is improvised. That most of the music on "6" appears to be written or at least arranged, is testament to the high, almost telepatic level they work at . Needless to say, there are no overdubs. Often being labelled jazz because of the improvising aspect of the music and the fact that three of the members come from a jazz background, with "6" they are just as likely to attract followers of bands such as Goodspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Rós, King Crimson, (late) Talk Talk or Popol Vuh.'

Supersilent - 5 CD (Rune Grammofon 2001) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"New and long awaited album from a band that refuse categorisation and is the act whose improvisations are sketching out the areas in which Rune Grammofon operates, being ambient, jazz, electronica, rock, techno, noise or musique concréte. Critics have compared them to the Miles Davis band of the early 70s, to Stockhausen and groups like Einstürzende Neubauten and Can. Producer and member Helge Sten (Deathprod) went through some 30 hours of live recordings to come up with this 70 minute collection, including selections from Oslo, London and Bologna. With typical Supersilent unpredictability, the material chosen seems to avoid the confrontational aspects of the group´s live presentation. Mostly a calmer, more reflective side of Supersilent, it proposes a raw, electronic lyricism." Kicks out the jams just like their triple cd release did. One of our favorites, no doubt.

Supersilent – 4 CD (Rune Grammofon 1998) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Quite stunning recordings from the quartet spearheading the new wave of Norwegian jazz. Colourful, dynamic and more varied than their debut, it combines improvisation and electronics, without a drumloop or computer in sight.

Supersilent - 1-3 3CD (Rune Grammofon 1997) 275 NOK / 40d US $
Debut triple CD by this free-noise-deathjazz improvising unit, which sounds like one of your favorite insane tv-games. The group features Helge Sten (audio virus), Ståle Storløkken (synthesizer), Arve Henriksen (trumpet), and Jarle Vespestad (drums). "Difficult music, perhaps, but also playful and stunningly beautiful, always trying to stretch the limits." One of the best Norwegian albums ever made.

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - Melody Mountain CD (Rune Grammofon 2006) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Singer Susanna Wallumrød has a unique way of making a song her own, and to fill the lyrics and melodies with the emotional content they require. This was made very clear with her stunning interpretation of Dolly Parton´s classic ?Jolene?, recorded for the duo´s debut album ?List Of Lights and Buoys? (2004). A song covered by many artists, but seldom with such heartfelt sincerity. With ?Melody Mountain? they have chosen to do an album of only interpretations, some quite radical, of mostly well-known songs, all personal and moving performances with Morten Qvenild´s naked and to the bone playing an important part in the overall soundscape. Full track list includes ?Hallelujah? (Leonard Cohen), ?It´s A Long Way To The Top? (AC/DC), ?These Days? (Matt Burt) "Condition Of The Heart" (Prince), "Love Will Tear Us Apart" (Joy Division), "Crazy, Crazy Nights" (Kiss), "Don´t Think Twice, It´s All Right" (Bob Dylan), "It´s Raining Today" (Scott Walker), "Enjoy The Silence" (Depeche Mode) and "Fotheringay" (Fairport Convention)."

Susanna and the Magical Orchestra - List of Lights and Buoys CD (Rune Grammofon 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Absolutely brilliant debut release from young Norwegian duo consisting of Susanna Wallumrød (vocals) and Morten Qvenild (keyboards). Nine beautiful low key original songs plus highly personal interpretations of Dolly Parton«s "Jolene" and Leonard Bernstein«s "Who Am I" makes this one of the strongest Norwegian debut releases in a very long time. If you´ve heard "Believer" (also included here) from "Money Will Ruin Everything" you know what to expect. Produced by Andreas Mjøs (Jaga Jazzist) and Deathprod."

Tables, The – Holiday At Wobbledef Grunch CD (Perfect Pop 1998) 125 NOK / 18.25 US $$
"The Tables used to be the Norwegian equivalent to England's Television Personalities. This means innocent and funny lyrics with some dark undercurrents and simple tunes with some legacy to British pop and psychedelia of the 60’s such as the Beatles, Hollies, Kinks, Idle Race and Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd." This is their latest album.

Tables, The – Play Idle Race 7” (Kippers 2000) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
The Tables doing interpretations of Idle Race. Splendid!

Tables, The - Shady Whims & Obstacles CD (Perfect Pop / Public Demand 2003) 155 NOK / 22.75 US $$
Ah. Again available on CD. A classic.

Team Spirit - 3 Chord Songs 7" (Primitive 2002) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'The Team Spirit is a punk rock act from Oslo, Norway. The group arose from the ashes of the now defunct "hardcore" scene in Oslo some time in 1999. Being friends and bandmates from way back, the boys had no difficulties connecting musically. The bands biggest show so far was at the Quart Festival in Kristiansand in 2002, along with Turbonegro, Jr Ewing and the International Noise Conspiracy. '

Tellè Records presenterer: Samleplate CD (Tellè 2000) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Hyped, but exciting label presenting their groovy rooster of electronic, organic and enjoyable dance-music: Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, Frost (Røyksopp-mix), Torske/Mundal Explosion, Annie, Tore, Erlend & Eirik, Kahuun, Bjørn Torske, Erot, Røyksopp, Krila Deluxe. Compiles the tracks on previous releases plus some new/other stuff.

Tellè International – V/A CD (Wall Of Sound 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
The international edition of this fine groovy comp from Tellè, licensed by the British Wall Of Sound label. The frost track is replaced by Ralph Myerz' "Savannah" and Røyksopp's "So Easy", previously available on a very limited run on the seven-inch format.

Terranoidz - World Of Two Suns 10" (Siri Rekkårdz 1996) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Industrial, doomish and very tough kind of music from, as far as we know, guys from the Origami Syndicate among others. File next to despair. Pour pour pour!

Thing, The - Live At Blå CD (Smalltown Superjazzz 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
It's The Thing live at Blå. Raw power!

The Thing - Garage Cd (Smalltown Superjazzz 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
The Thing - Art Star / Have Love Will Travel 7" (Smalltown Superjazzz 2004) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $

'The Swedish-Norwegian trio of Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Haaker Flaten, and Paal Nilssen-Love was established in February 2000 during a series of concerts and a recording in Stockholm. Smalltown Supersound goes Superjazzz and releases the album "Garage" which contains covers by White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sonics and Peter Brötzmann. The 7" has Art Star from the album + an altenate take of Have Love Will Travel. Very kool.'

This Is Music Inc. – What was Once A Local Itch, Now Requires... 10" (Safe As Milk Vinyl 2001) 80 NOK/ 11.75 US $
"Experimental rockgroup; New Order meets the Residents meets early 70's Genesis. Recorded on a 10 m2 bedroom."Blistering pop-music with a somewhat weird touch from Haugesund.

This Is Music Inc. - A Bright Day Dawns CD (Black Label 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Thorn, Marakel, Deadly Nightshade and DJ Immortal. Yup, their names make you think it's four pale black-eyed metal-dudes doing hard and heavy metal music. But, it's not. Because these four wacky-named fellows have made a very stimulating and sweet album. It's Jon Øvstedal's little baby, and he still makes catchy and mellow tunes with hints to new wave and contemporary pop. With focus on the Song. Recommended.

This Is The Cafe Superstar Beat [Volume II] - V/A (Cafe 2001 2002) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
Second comp. in this series of superstar music. With Påsan, Safariari, Peru You, Tøyen, Don Juan Dracula, Hello Goodbye, Kawaii, EPA, Micromars, Remington Super 60. Casio pop for the masses!

This Is The Cafe Superstar Beat [Volume 1] – V/A CD (Cafe 2001 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $
High-quality compilation with casio-pop-music. Exclusive tracks from Micromars, EPA, Tøyen, Påsan, Remington Super 60 and Skistar.

Those Norwegians – Kakao / Never Been To NY 12" (Paper Recordings 2000) 75 NOK / 9.5 US $
Rune Lindbæk, Ole Mjøs and Torbjørn Bruntland known through projects as Aedena Cycle, Volcano, Røyksopp and Open Skies offer cool and disco dance music.

Thorns Ltd. - Banks Violette DVD audio (no label 2005) 150 NOK / 22 US $
As a side-project of Thorns, Thorns Ltd. is "tailored specifically for art exhibitions". This disc was produced for Banks Violette´s Untitled at Whitney Museum of American Art in New York 2005.

Those Norwegians – Da Kingue Da Mazda 10" (Paper Recordings 1997) 70 NOK / 9.25 US $
Back in stock. Rune Lindbæk, Ole Mjøs and Torbjørn Bruntland known through projects as Aedena Cycle, Volcano, Røyksopp and Open Skies give us two tracks of cool and slightly strange dance music.

Thrush – Later EP 7" (Two-Zero Records 1999) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
Grungy kind of pop for your heads and feet.

Thulsa Doom – The Seats Are Soft But The Helmet Is Way Too Tight LP (Big Dipper 2001) 100 NOK /14.75 US $
Heavy, cool and funny stoner-rock. There’s both attitude and good music on this one. If buying fat thunder rock only once, make it this one!

Time Lodgers, The – The Sometimes Never CD (Perfect Pop 1994) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Time Lodgers, The – Slanted MCD (Perfect Pop 1992) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
With help from Eystein Hopland among others, The Time Lodgers plays naiv and cute (bad word, we know) pop that we know from the Wilson Family and such.

To Jupiter And Beyond – V/A CD (Aporia) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
There is only one Norwegian group on this compilation, but that’s enough for us! DEL among spacerock-, drone- and ambient-bands like Roswell Incident, Sianspheric, Your Team Ring etc.

Toft, Sten Ove - Landmark CD-R (Humbug 2004) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Sten Ove Toft cut his teeth operating heavy machinery with prizewinning duo Waffelpung and is also playing in several other frightful noise duos (non-prizewinning ones) like Ryfylke (look out for their debut CD, out before you can say "bevaremegvel"), Röyskatt, Devold and Nuvel, and probably a few I'm forgetting too. Under his own name he goes for a massive & bad-tempered thrust of full-on roarage and heavy throbbing electronics. This is at 29 minutes a quite focussed live recording (from Bergen's superb Landmark venue), if not in terms of fidelity (a one mic room recording) then certainly in the way it sees Toft haul cracked dynamics as well as big clustering swells of hollowness out of his set-up (being a laptop, dictaphone and thrashed cutlery & plates). Great flowery artwork and unmistakable niceness all around. Edition of 80 copies.

Toft, Sten Ove - Grand Mal CD-R (Roffbif Records 2005) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
Sweet noise from Mr. Toft.

Toft, Sten Ove - Sinners' Virtue CD-R (Utech Records 2005) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
A live-recording from Landmark in Bergen June 2005. Power to the people!

Toy - Through Tunnel/Decorama 7" (Smalltown Supersound 2005) 50 NOK / 7.5 US $
'Toy is an electronic duo formed by UK composer Alisdair Stirling and producer Jorgen Traeen from Bergen, Norway. Toy's playful tunes mix kids TV (Pingu, Radiophonic Workshop) and Japanese style electronica (YMO and Cornelius) with a touch of Scandinavian electro weirdness. They also manage to combine a flavour of incidental/elevator music with beats and grooves to create infectious pop.'

Trans-Oceanus – s/t 10" (Briskeby 1999) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
We've been told that BriskebyRecords is Norway's longest living independent label. Twenty years in business. Congrats to them! Trans-Oceanus (Trix Bengel and Magne Magnet) celebrates the label's existence with a ultimate neo-space-rocker.

Tremolo Wankers – Terrrible, Terrible Wankers EP 7" (Two Zero Records 2001) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Surf's Up!

Thrush - Lavender EP CDEP (Two Zero Records 2002) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
Power-pop from rock-capitol Trondheim. Three singers and three guitarists! Lads from Hedge Hog, Sanderfinger, Funny Farm, Tadpole, P.I.K.E, Tremolo Wankers and Dipsomaniacs.

Tri-Dim + Jim O'Rourke & Barry Guy - 2 of 2 CD (SOFA 2002) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
'Tri-Dim was one of the first young improv groups to rise to the surface on the vital, ever growing music scene in Oslo. This is TRI-DIMs second album and it should in more than one way document the work they have been doing over the last two years. The first track is a live recording from Blå from April 2002. Second, a remix by Jim O'Rourke, using some of TRI-DIMs unreleased material. The two last pieces are taken from a live recording at Molde International Jazzfestival 2001, where TRI-DIM performed with the English bass player, Barry Guy.' The band: Håkan Kornstad (reeds), David Stackenäs (guitar) and Ingar Zach (percussion).

Tri-Dim - Tri-Dimprovisations – 1 CD (bp 1999) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Guitarist David Stackenäs (Sweden), sax-man Håkon Kornstad and percussionist Ingar Zach (both Norway) improvise The European Way! Names as Mats Gustafsson, Evan Parker and Derek Bailey is not faraway if names are to be mentioned. Next release (12") will include a remix by Jim O`Rourke.

Tugboat – s/t CD (Shoreline 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Guitar-based prog-rock, but not that heavy shite. Poppy, noisy, weirdy and prudy.

Twigs – No More CD (Sun Spot 1998) 155 NOK / 22.75 US $$
Twigs - Beast MCD (Straight Bloke 1996) 70 NOK / 7.75 US
Twigs - Epicure CD (Endearing Records 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $$

It is said that Twigs is a trashy kind of indie pop, with melody and a lot of punch. Well, what can we say?

Two Shot Suns - Nicotika CD-R (Gold Soundz 2003) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'Top notch out-rock improv scuzz w/ a bad attitude'.

Two Limited - La Mano de Dios CD-R 65 NOK / 8.5 US $ (Seedy R 2006)
"Recorded on a recent tour of Argentina, La Mano De Dios captures a series of disturbing and claustrophobic improvised drone and noise pieces by the violin duo of Lasse Marhaug and Tom Løberg (also joined for one long track by Anla Courtis). The tracks range from the ritualistic sounding (low droning violin with deep reverb body knocking bass-drum like accompaniment) through to the sublime submarine drone piece that closes the disk. As seems usual with Marhaug's live recordings the recording device itself (old crusty taperecorder?) perhaps deserves a credit in itself as it adds a whole new layer of meaning to the documented events. With the raw amplified violins for the most part right up close in the mix, and with the demonically furious and powerful playing overall this is by far the most intense thing on the label so far..."

Two Shot Sons - s/t CD-R (Halv Stang 1999) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
Two Shot Sons - In Music My Memory Is Stored LP (Halv Stang 2000) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $

Morgan Mikkelsen shows off with prepared improvisations for guitars, electronics, percussion and so on. Powerful and strictly limited, this is great stuff.

Tøyen – Did You Bring Me On National TV To Tell Me This? CD(Blackbean&Placenta 2001)115 NOK/12.75 US $
"13 songs of infectious homemade electronica blips and beeps from Cafe Superstar collective (Remington Super 60, Micromars). All tracks programmed in Music2000 on a Sony Playstation by whiz kids Tollef and Torstein. Sultry girl vocals courtesy of the talented Rita Knudsen. As "right now" as Technicolor, Flowchart, and Kraftwerk have ever been".

Ultralyd - Chromosome Gun CD (Load Records 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'An all-star lineup of some key Norwegian improvisers make some dense and chewy stew for you to mull. The lineup on this record is Kjetil Brandsdal (of NOXAGT) on bass; Frode Gjerstad (leader of the Circulasione Totale Orchestra) on altosax, clarinet; Anders Hana on electric guitar; and Morten J. Olsen on drums. The seven compositions on this record definitely possess an avant-garde schooled energy that is heavy but also wielding a downtuned rock vibe. Drums explode, clarinet pushes, guitar and bass swirl with massive sheets of throb and feedback. Moments of quiet hum jut up against busy shitstorm to make an engaging sonic experience.'

Ultralyd - s/t CD (FMR Records 2004) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
'Kjetil Brandsdal (electric bass), Frode Gjerstad (altosax, clarinet), Anders Hana (electric guitar), Morten Olsen (drums). This Norwegian quartet was brought together by enigmatic saxophone legend Frode Gjerstad. Formed solely with young musicians in mind, this is powerful rock inspired free music of the highest order. Gjerstad should be highly recommended for the way he has seemingly guided these fine, talented new musicians into their current direction. These improvisations never get bogged down in the rock tradition and they balance the freshness of the best free music with the well worn jam sensiblity perfectly, creating a surprisingly breezy and hugely enjoyable CD recording.'

University Punx – In Society 7" (Myke Droner 1998) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Kjetil D. Brandsdal together with some French friends (on acoustic guitars, primitive drums and humming in the background) do some guitar-improv stuff. This is less rock than the KDBG-stuff, and easier/more available than his solo work, though this is a full band, not another Brandsdal release.

Upper Rooms – So (Heartbreak Version) Ulal 7" (Disturbance 1998) 40 NOK / 5 US $
Isak Andersen is the male behind Upper Rooms, who makes music out of a combination of FM- synthesis and concrete sound. To be played on 45 rpm, but sounds even better on 33 rpm.

Upper Rooms – The Way We Tear 7" (Beatservice 2000) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
Second release by Isak Andersen, composer, conductor and cello instructor. Parallels to the German electro-scene, Kraftwerk, Residents and the synth pop of the eighties. The A-side is from the scheduled full-length album out in august.

Upper Rooms – Video Bambino CD/LP (Beatservice 2000) CD: 150 NOK / 22 US $$ LP: 130 NOK / 19 US $$
"Inspired by a.o the german electro scene, eighties synth pop, Kraftwerk, The Residents, drum'n'bass, Aphex Twin, Patrick Pulsinger, Erdem Tunakam and Rephlex and Warp releases, Upper Rooms deals with the simple and the immediate, at times naivistic, but always with a firm base in melody. The debut album is availiable both as CD and LP, with exclusive tracks on each format."

UR Rauten - Various Artists CD (dbut 1992) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
Few copies left of this great comp. including works by Biosphere, Waldemar Hepstein, Deathprod, YM Stammen, Ulf Knudsen, Døve Munker et al.

Urd Barbarian - Urd In Bondage CD (Major Ego Produkt) 100 NOK / 14.75 $
The rich theatrical and surrealistic atmosphere of these 20 pieces - based on the James Bond filmtitles, invites you on a shaken, not stirred - psychedelic journey with the good Agent. «... like if Nurse With Wound and Residents were to orchestrate the music of Zappa, Neil Diamond and Faust in a soup terrain soundtrack for a Czech 'Best Of Bond' cartoon animation...».

Valen, Fartein - The Eternal CD (Rune Grammofon 1999) 145 NOK / 19.25 US $
"A highly personal selection of works by one of Norways greatest composers. Symphonic poems like "Pastorale" and "The Churchyard By The Sea" are among the most potent,strangely beautiful and extraordinary pieces of music to come from any composer of the 20th century. Included here are also "Ode To Solitude", the violin concerto, the first symphony and two piano pieces. Also serves as a good introduction to the world of 12 tonemusic."

Vehiculos De Ocasion VS Marakel - Split TAPE (Koksidose 2002) 45 NOK / 6.5 US $
'Noise, drones guitars, computers all summed up in quality feel, sometimes intense other times beautiful.'

Vehiculos De Ocasion – Winter Smog II CD-R (Humbug 2002) 65 NOK / 9.5 US $
'Whirring, buzzing guitar sound! It's a "mixed" piece that somehow involves the (cough!) "remix" treatment. Details are sketchy, but let's assume these are pretty guitar impov's made ugly by after-the-fact electronics treatment. Noises applied, melodies tweaked into alien forms, etc, etc, resulting in free-flowing, nervous, unpredictable guitar-transmission. Numbered edition of 80 in custom made cardboard covers, colour artwork, stamped.'

Vold, Jan Erik - Ingentings Bjeller CD (Pan 2003) 155 NOK / 22.75 US $$
Ingentings Bjeller was released as dobbel vinyl in 1977, and features except from Svingdør from Buster Brenner (1976) only lyrics that are not published elsewhere than here. The lyrics are included in the booklet too! Featuring Jan Garbarek, Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson and Jon Christensen. A highlight in poet Jan Erik Vold's career.

Vår Venn Gitaren - Cognitive Feedback 7" (Bronson Recordings 2000) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Recorded back in 98 by Andrè of Bronson Comet Lighter, whom this is not to be related to, besides the fact that Andrè is in BCL. Heavy food.

Waffelpung - Storeslem LP (no label 2002) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Waffelpung - Cornelius Vreeswijks Trekkspill 3" CDR (no label 2002) 25 NOK / 3.5 US $

Sten Ove Toft and Yngve Sortland are making music and say 'Storeslem was first intended to be a 7" single, with just a couple of songs. But, as our song material started to grow, we soon found out that we just as well could release a full length album. So here it is. Storeslem. The album concists in general of hours with different field-recordings recorded in and around the cities of Oslo, Stavanger and Haugesund. Normal and exeptional instruments are used. Everything from a little toy-flute to knocking on a big world war 2 mine.'

Waffelpung VS Cock E.S.P + Appliancide - Split LP CD (Sunship / Roggbif 2005) 100 NOK / 14.75 US $
"Named after a region deep in the fjords of southwest Norway, Ryfylke is dedicated to creating slow erosions of sound, the gradual scaping away of a solid landscape by wind and rain, ice and seawater. Sten Ove Toft collects sounds, dirtying them up on old cassette machines and processing equipment, while Stian Skagen breaks them down into scintillating digital forms. Taking up a side of this 12" vinyl apiece, "Nuema Brister" and "Morild" are two starkly protracted geological eruptions that seem to bring with them the resonating fury of the earth beneath our feet. Glowing pillars of lava rise up, geysers of boiling white water tear up the rock. What's remarkable, however, is the level of control with which such effects have been brought about." - Ken Hollings / The Wire

Watersnake - s/t CDS (Krank 1999) 35 NOK / 5 US $
This is Tor Ormkleiv from Montezuma, and he's in a Syd mood! "Very good songswriting, and soulful performed. This is music for lonely and sleepless nights. Acoustic guitar, organs, harmonica and Tor's heartbreaking voice and lyrics. " CD-R.

We Are Hello 2 CD (MachineMachine 1999) 80 NOK / 11.75 US $
With Hobbits, oddpopp, Schwester Blau, Liferain, Lasse Marhaug etc. etc.

Weird Songs From A Small Place – Various Artists 7" (Dead Cool) 35 NOK / 4.5 US $
Compilation with four bands hailing from the Fredrikstad area. Bronson Comet Lighter do a pretty good instrobilly-tune, Underdoze punk out, and the garage-rockers Cream Babes and Lone Twisters don’t seem to mind the dog at all.

We’re The Ramones – A Tribute To The Ramones 7" (Underground 1998) 35 NOK / 5 US $
Recorded live at Veita Scene in Trondheim with four bands covering Ramones. Crappy sound, but who cares when it’s Ranheim, Funny Farm, Premier League and Phy.

Wettre / Johansen – The Only Way To Travel CD (bp 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Petter Wettre and Per Oddvar Johansen are highly profiled musicians on the Norwegian jazz scene and has with The Only Way… created a fresh sound where spontaneity and improvisation unite and regenerate."

When - Pearl-Harvest CD (Jester Records 2003) 150 NOK / 22 US $
'The main project of Lars Pedersen (who has been composing for When for 20 years now) is back with a new monument of avant-garde. Creating aural universes of collage samples, folk/ethnic and even cartoon effects the new album, "Pearl-Harvest," blends in their Beatles-esque references (that were shown prominently in "Lobster Boys") and add in strong Middle-Eastern elements, which truly exemplify the concept of this album which is the book "Arabian Nights".'

When – Psychedelic Wunderbaum CD (Jester 1999) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
When – Unblessed World 2CD (Jester 2000) 150 NOK / 22 US $$
When – The Lobster Boys CD (Jester 2001) 150 NOK / 22 US $
When – Sunshine Superhead CDS (Jester 2002) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $

Lars Pedersen, who was in the 80-orchestras DePress and Holy Toy gives us lectures in acidic dreams of pop, avant garde, electronics and irony. True bliss.

Where We're At - V/A CD (Smalltown Supersound 2004) 60 NOK / 8.75 US $
Nine tracks and 51 minutes with new tracks from Mental Overdrive, Toy and Sir Dupermann. Plus previously released tracks from Kim Hiorthøy, Jaga Jazzist, Martin Horntveth, Lars Horntveth, Mats Gustafsson w/ Sonic Youth and Yuichiro Fujimoto.

Willy B Review, The - That's It! CD (Oscar 1999) 115 NOK / 16.75 US $
A collection of previously unreleased demos, outtakes, different mixes, live tracks from one of Norway's finest guitar-heroes! Garage-rockabilly-blues presented in a A4-"cover" with lots of info.

Winter Report, The: A Hype City Compilation – V/A CD (Hype City 2001) 150 NOK / 16.75 US $
Norwegian label, Hype City Records, serves a fine pop-comp with Norwegian as well as international acts. The Jessica Fletchers, The Tables, Animal Town, Loch Ness Mouse, Ring, Danielson Family, Of Montreal, Mendoza Line, Dressy Bessy, Mendoza Line, Great Lakes and more. 17 tracks.

Zach, Ingar / Rhodri Davies - ieirll LP 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Percussionist Ingar Zach with harpist Rhodri Davies doing 'incredible and totally alien sounds! Metal, electronic, far out sounds on their self-built and prepared instruments...'

Zach, Ingar / Ivar Grydeland – Visiting Ants CD (Sofa 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Ingar Zach and Ivar Grydeland has worked as a duo for the past two years. They have used their distinctive style of performance to develop a powerful and special sound. Metal plates, bells, bowed guitar and cymbals, electric motors, voice and electronic noise give the duo its unique form of expression."

Økland, Nils – Straum CD (Rune Grammofon 2000) 145 NOK / 21.25 US $$
"Nils Økland is one of Norways leading hardanger fiddle players, a renewer of traditional folk music who is also known to build bridges to classical and contemporary music. In contrast to many fiddlers Økland writes most of the music himself, ranging from beautiful, melodic ballads to atmospheric experiments and darker soundscapes. This is his second solo album, the follow up to «Blå Harding», an album that received fantastic reviews when it was released in 1996."

Økland, Nils - Bris CD (Rune Grammofon 2004) 150 NOK / 22 US $
"Nils Økland is an innovative violinist and Hardanger fiddle specialist who is creatively expanding the range of the traditional music of his homeland. He is a renewer of folk music, consistently building bridges to classical, contemporary and improvised music. His playing combines freedom with respect for Norway’s musical heritage and he is concerned both with the preservation of the oral folk music tradition and with the experimental possibilities of the music when it is charged with modern impulses. On ”Bris”, his third album and the second for Rune Grammofon, he has written all the music himself which is quite unusal for the genre. He is joined by Sigbjørn Apeland on harmonium, his musical companion since long, as well as Mats Eilertsen from Food on bass and Per Oddvar Johansen and Håkon Stene on percussion."

Årabrot - Proposing A Pact With Jesus CD (Norway Rat 2005) 120 NOK / 17.5 US $
Debut full-length from Oslo-based (they're migrates just as everyone else) Årabrot after their brilliant 7" and a 12". They sound more pissed than ever, and their definition of rock is more hardcore and more metallic. It's pitch black, fast, mean and ugly, but it's loveable. Produced by Billy. Yup, the Anderson

Årabrot - Rogues Gallery 12" (Safe As Milk 2004) 90 NOK / 13.25 US $
Ok! Here we go again with freakin' rock in the name of dirt. ''Rogues Gallery' features five intense gut-squeezing songs on 12" 180g vinyl. Thick downtuned guitars battling spaced-out synths with an evil droning bass and fierce skull breaking drums underneath. And on top of that heap of snarling trash punk: The hungriest Norwegian singer since the early Jahn Teigen.'